I could hear the loud conversation among the men at another table. It overpowered every other conversation in the room. Why do men act like that? Like their opinions and words are so valuable they should be broadcast to everyone everywhere. It’s terribly annoying.

I asked my companion, “Do you want to take it outside?”

“Oh my god, yes!”

We gathered up plates and napkins and forks and coffee cups. With all of it precariously balanced we pushed out the door and settled at an outdoor table.

“Ahh, that’s better.”

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Author: Virginia DeBolt

Writer and teacher who writes blogs about web education, writing practice, and pop culture.

6 thoughts on “Conversation”

  1. I adore the mornings when You gently wake me. Softly my Love whispers my given name. I am in love with the Creator of the Universe. I want others to
    share in this as well, to find their own love in Him. Then I remember not all will choose to.

  2. Conversation, palaver, negotiation, communication back-and-forth, discussion, dialogue. Each and every one reality behind these metaphors begin with respect for the humanity within each partner. “Namaste” if you will. As Kierkegaard would say, each continues as a leap of faith. “What I have to say is good; so is what you bring to the table..” Each ending is amicable even if inconclusive. Sometimes conversation can be almost life-saving. It certainly ranks high on how the evolving of friendship.

  3. There was a loud gossiping session , on in full flow , which one could hear from a mile away . Peals of laughter and snatches of conversation kept reaching me as I entered the hall . Young girls !! I fumed inside , frowning at loud giggles . Suddenly one of them caught sight of me and nudged her neighbour. Then all turned and stared at me , as if I was a cow dressed in whites . The dining room fell silent . Except for the clattering of the cutlery and hurried eating .
    I hated this too. This sham display of subservience or discipline . It made me wonder if I was the subject of all that conversation and giggles . Perhaps I was . I should be okay with that . After all , I was the senior most dining in member of the mess.It would definitely not do to have ten girls chatting you up every evening , updating you on hospital gossip, getting into your hair , asking favours.Even if they belonged to my state and spoke my language . So what?
    I went and sat on my special table . A long table with two chairs , one at each end , one for me and the other for any visiting dignitary. As there were none today , I sat there , surrounded in a haze of aromas , food from the junior table , cologne from their bodies. I felt important , foolish and lonely , all at the same time .
    Soon all wiped their mouths , got up, their chairs scraping on the tiled floor, and left hurriedly , still chewing.

  4. I looked at her and fell in love at the very first sight of that innocent little face. Her smile could break curses it seemed.
    She caught me looking at her and returned my smile with words i couldn’t really understand but I knew for sure that she meant something really cute.
    She was the God’s best creature. I cannot forget the touch of her feather soft hands as I said Goodbye to her.
    “Oh, I’m in love with your kid, Mrs. Kapoor”, as the baby’s mother came back from the ladies restroom and thanked me.
    I really love kids.
    Their wordless smiles and babbles are the best conversations I ever have.
    – Jasleen K.R.

  5. It was very early in the morning,still dark out . What woke me was bird chatter. Never fails I thought as soon as we pass daylight savings time the birds call to each other. Their conversation is as predictable as the dawn of the new day and so is the end of my night’s sleep. I wonder what the say to one another, must be quite a conversation for the birds.

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