The overhead fan whirring, sprawled on her back, snoring with her mouth hanging open. No wonder she’s parched when she wakes up. She staggers from her bed, stiff and splay-legged, pours a glass of water, and finally revives enough to open her eyes.

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Author: Virginia DeBolt

Writer and teacher who writes blogs about web education, writing practice, and pop culture.

5 thoughts on “Parched”

  1. “I’m parched over here!” she bellowed, slamming a palm on the bar. “What do I have to do to get a martini around here?!”

    “You’ve already had a few too many,” the bartender calmly told her, “it’s time to go.”

    “You can go straight to hell,” she roared.

    “Hey, Glenn, you gonna let her talk to you like that?” George asked from the far end of the bar.

    “What can I do,” Glenn said, “she’s my mother in law.”

  2. Lara looked at the potted plant. The fronds were yellow and falling off. The soil was dry and cracked. It was basically parched from lack of water.. She noticed that the house was is disarray and that the other plants were in the same condition. For now, she’d start by watering the plants which were in dire need of hydration. She swiped the back of her left hand across her forehead to remove the strands of hair getting in her eyes, and she sighed. She knew she had her work cut out for her.

  3. Driving along the wooded country roads in western Maine one can see how parched the trees and growth along the shoulders of the road are this year. This winter there was hardly any snowfall. Spring didn’t bring the usual heavy downpours to slake the thirst of the vegetation. You can actually see how bad it is by looking at the leaves of the bushes and trees that look a bit off. Some of you may be familiar with the cartoon character “Smoky, The Bear.” Signs showing Smoky warn that most of the area is under “high fire” risk. When windy weather is predicted everyone is warned not to burn brush. Many of the beautiful forested communities have already been exceptionally busy putting out brush fires and, in a few cases, fires set by ignorant or mentally ill arsonists. Everything is parched. It’s a dire situation.

  4. I’m parched; it’s parched we’re parched; they’re parched; Woe to all. Being parched is dire and demands immediate attention. Watching how a parched plant’s leaves perk up soon after receiving life giving (life-saving) water illustrates just how necessary water is on this continent. In our everyday consumer world we’ve discovered another side to being parched . Parched forests went up in smoke affecting fish and other animals in lakes/streams. Cattle and other meat animals and milk-giving cows suffered, died or had to be slaughtered early because prolonged drought did more than parch them. Prices of meat, butter, cheese, even eggs, etc. moved almost out of reach. Everything is related.

  5. It is dusk now as I look out over acres and acres of parched farm land. The crops are not going to make it this year in spite of the irrigation, I thought.. The water supply is beginning to dry out. Moving Jenny and the kids to Southern California might be the biggest mistake of the all.

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