We need blue. Blue over our heads. Blue dotted with puffy white clouds. We need air we can see color through. We don’t need a haze of impenetrable poison over our heads. Blue.

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Author: Virginia DeBolt

Writer and teacher who writes blogs about web education, writing practice, and pop culture.

6 thoughts on “Blue”

  1. “You’re painting the room blue even though you’re having a girl?” I asked, surprised.

    “Yup,” Charlene said, “no old-fashioned gender stereotypes here.”

    “Well, how very modern of you,” I said.

  2. “I feel blue, you would, too. If each plan that you had done fell through,” goes the Ricky Nelson song. I can hear its melody in my head. And Bobby Vinton sang, “Blue, blue, my world is blue…” Maybe it is the most popular color sung about.
    I have a melancholy personality and can turn blue from one hour to the next. But it comes on gradually usually. And it takes more than one thing to make me blue. I have to gather four or five eggs of discouraging issues and then it arrives. Thankfully it is short term since I do things to chase it. I take a funny sounding herb to enhance my mood and it works every time, St. John’s Wort.. I exercise, swimming is my favorite but only on my bad hair days.. I pray, read something in the Bible of inspiration. I talk to a friend, my sister is an instant pick me up.
    All around us is blue. So it is not supposed to symbolize depression at all. Water reflects the sky and each ocean or lake or pond has a shade of blue all its own. And of course, there is the sky.
    I think probably sky blue is my favorite blue. And another way I perk up. I look at the blue sky. “Blue skies lookin’ at me, nothin’ but blue skies, can’t you see?”

  3. I have a new gripe against big business, this time because of marketing. If ever the phrase “Reality Is Broken” rings true it’s because of Viking River Cruises and views of the shoreline of Lake Michigan to which viewers are treated. The cruise evidently utilizes the Danube River. Prospective customers are treated to a vision of sparkling and inviting clean blue water Every day, and I mean EVERY day people who watch the news in Chicago enjoy a picture of Lake Michigan at its blue best, or even more than that. I hate fakes….

  4. Blue was her most favorite color of all. She had blue eyes. People had always commented about the particular shade of blue since she was a child. She loved the blue sky. Adored the blue water, as the sun reflected clouds and sky on the surface of the still pond near her home. She always thought, “I love blue. It’s my first favorite color because the sky is blue.” Her second favorite color was not surprising. It was yellow; the color of the sun and moon at times. The colors made her feel so good. Then she met him when she was seventeen. The fact that he had the bluest most drop-dead gorgeous eyes completely captivated her. He had a mop of yellow-blonde silky hair that begged to be stroked. The combination of blue and yellow would bring her the most painful experience of her young life. Unfortunately, although his obvious coloring was so pleasing to her his soul was a stormy, destructive black.

  5. I went to my grand niece’s wedding . The nuptial was held at a beautiful old plantation in Greensboro NC. called the Penn House. Her sister, the Matron of Honor made a toast and told of Katie’s fascination with being a
    fairy princess wearing an awesome wedding gown. Today, her dream became reality as she held court with her bridesmaids and kissed the groom, whose name I might add is Blue.

  6. Blue was Brianne’s favorite color. She found it soothing to the eyes and most of her wardrobe was composed of different combinations of blue hues. The color was her canopy during the days and It was what enfolded her when she walked into the beach for it reflected the color of the sky. Her husband’s eyes were blue, and she loved looking into them with their specks of brown and the brightness they manifested. She thought there must be something sacred about the color blue for it was the color of the sky and of the sea.

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