I hate how hard it is to get up out of a chair. I hate how hard it is to walk long enough to buy groceries. Those are just physical things that life gives you as a gift of aging. I don’t hate transgender women who might want to enter the women’s bathroom at the same time as me. That kind of hate is vicious fear mongering harmful to everyone.

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Author: Virginia DeBolt

Writer and teacher who writes blogs about web education, writing practice, and pop culture.

4 thoughts on “Hate”

  1. I hate the polyp that has taken up residence in my uterine lining…I hate the low back and belly pain it causes me, making standing & walking difficult. I hate that I had to cancel a job interview so that I can see a doctor about the goddamn polyp. Men don’t have these polyps that complicate their lives.

  2. If, as I believe, everything that is has at least two sides to its being then I have to believe the same of hate. It’s multi-colored and definitely has an opposite. “I hate…..” “I tolerate….:” “I pity….” “I shun….” “I trust….” “I love….” Which of these is truly anti-hate? Which of these is easiest to welcome into my world of values (because “I hate” surely shouldn’t be.

  3. Don’t you just hate rude people? Nowadays, you just encounter more rudeness than kindness. There are more people out there with negative auras than positive ones. The trick is to stay away from the negativity and gravitate toward the positive energy. Easier said than done. We see faces, but we can never tell what a person’s heart is harboring.

  4. Hate in its true context is such a strong word, that I rarely use it. It is a word that issues emotion and great turmoil. Turmoil so terrible that one refuses to live with it. I use that word in reference to one thing ,war. I hate war and all its evil implications. Hate is the story of war.

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