Her talent was guilt. She used it to spear with diamond-like bloodless aim. Her precision was laser perfect. She could be around you for 10 minutes and know where to inflict the pain. Everyone hated her but there was no way to get away from her.

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Author: Virginia DeBolt

Writer and teacher who writes blogs about web education, writing practice, and pop culture.

6 thoughts on “Diamond”

  1. Talents are natural or artificial depending on its environs, as well as diamonds. Today, there’s lots of people who was born with those valuable natural properties, which unfortunately finds themselves living in an undercurrent atmosphere that concealed their natural currents. This instantly, give rooms for presumptuous eyes to believe that theirs are just a guilt; “not a building block to success.”

  2. The value of a metaphoric “diamond in the rough, ” it seems to me , is infinitely greater than a diamond-diamond. I had one such teacher in the old days who taught economic history in an all girls’ school.. Who’d a thunk it in the ’40’s? Here was a homely adult woman who shared her brilliance in Economics and U.S. History with lame-brained teenager girls. Life as diamond-in-the rough, however understood, is definitely the standard in feminist struggle for gender equality. How to do this in the 21st century? We learn to do by doing.

  3. Adam looked at the opened box in his hands as he sat on the park bench. The moon caused the marquise diamond on the ring to emit an irisdescence that seemed supernatural to him. It should have been an occasion for joy, but it had not gone as planned. Abbey had rejected him, and he was devastated. What was he to do now? All those hopes and dreams of forming a family had disappeared in the blink of an eye. He sat on the park bench alone for a long time feeling like Humpty Dumpty and thinking if he would ever be able to be put back together again…

  4. I often admired the diamond ring my mother wore. When she did ‘ t wear it , I knew it was in the pawn shop. The diamond ring made many visits to the pawn shop. Each visit had a story. The stories would make a good book and maybe some day I just might write it. For the present I will wear it as it dazzles me with its beauty.

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