The sunset sky was ruby and rhubarb, streaks of color I watched in my rear view mirror as I drove past acres of sunflowers. It was a stunning sight that lifted up my heart and made the whole day seem worth it – a feeling I hadn’t felt for most of the day.

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Author: Virginia DeBolt

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7 thoughts on “Ruby”

  1. She loved looking down at her ring finger and seeing the ruby ring her grandfather had given her grandmother years ago. It was one of her most cherished belongings. It was worn only on special occasions since it was a large stone and she didn’t want to accidentally scratch it with daily use. During difficult times when she wasn’t wearing it she always knew she could go to her jewelry drawer and at least look at it to gather peace and love. The ruby was an instant connection to her beloved grandmother. It seemed to be filled with such passion that she could see the tiniest rays of ruby red light emanating from it. All she ever had to do was look at it to regain her strength and go on with life.

  2. My birthstone is ruby, & starting the summer I was ten years old, my maternal grandfather would give me a piece of ruby jewelry every so often, seemingly for no particular reason. He never gave my sisters jewelry or any other gifts unless it was Christmas or their birthdays.

  3. Ruby was a magnificent animal. She was a lean and muscular cinnamon-colored Doberman Pinsher who visited a local rehabilitation center on a monthly basis as a therapy dog. Tara happened to catch her, along with her owner, in the center’s main dining room one afternoon as she entertained the residents. Showing them all the tricks she could do. Her intelligence and friendly demeanor endeared all who were present.

    Tara’s mother had been recently admitted to this facility secondary to a broken hip, and she had been withdrawn and depressed—until she met Ruby. The dog seemed to instinctively know what to do and kept going over to rest her head on her mother’s lap and while Tara’s mom petted her, she smiled. After that day, her mother’s demeanor changed all thanks to Ruby.

  4. A ruby is a precious stone, but a garnet is only semi-precious. Money being also precious in our home, but ruby being my birthstone, a ruby was always only a dream. So I thought. To celebrate my “Sweet Sixteen” birthday though I was gifted with a ruby ring. Because it was pink rather than the deep red I had always imagined a ruby to be it took a while to accept it as genuine. My mother’s birthstone was garnet so afterwards every piece of jewelry with a stone that we acquired turned out to be a garnet. Garnets are deep red so there’s that…..

  5. It was a beautiful sunny day as I wandered through the narrow streets of cobblestones in Prague. Years later I remember this place with its magnificent Castle.. The name of the Castle escapes my mind only the vision lingers. This day I was headed to the jewelry center and to find a ruby cocktail ring. Prague is known for its fine jewelry and I wanted a ruby ring with earrings to match, or so I thought. The crazy thing was I ended up buying garnets with its brilliant ruby color.

  6. Ruby was an obvious name for my red-headed mother. She was a gem in the rough that only needing a little light polishing. Instead, she received much rougher treatment at the hands of my father and my step-father. I came home from Vietnam in 1970 having survived the war only to find that she, while surviving anger-filled husbands, was not surviving her cigarette habit. My children and children and grandchildren have only seen pictures. My children and grandchildren never saw the twinkle in her eyes. Never caused a twinkle in her eyes for me to catch on the sly. I feel many things now when a friend loses a parent who had 80+ years above the soil. I want to shout at them: Don’t you dare lament your loss! Rejoice in all the wonderful years you had! Your loss must seem immeasurable. Mine is unimaginable.

  7. Ruby had jet black hair . Neither did she have red rosy cheeks . all rosiness lost in the swarthiness of her dusky complexion . Ruby had a large heart and guts . She made this apparent when she was asked to display her gems at an impromptu catwalk at a party. It was one of those parties , which are remembered only by the degree of mirth generated by coercing portly matrons to shake their booty on the dance floor,and by recollecting the names of esteemed personages who pass out in the end .

    Ruby was small, dark and wore jeans and T-shirt to the party. An unforgivable error. She walked down the make shift aisle and stood at the “display” end , and requested for the mike . She then began , “I bring to you, my million dollar smile , eyes that shine like diamonds , a heart that is rare as Kohinoor, and a name of the costliest red gem ever discovered . I am, your honour, (here she took a little bow) Ruby.”

    Normally listless, the crowd erupted into thunderous applause .

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