They were tangled, those neurons, those synapses. I tried every day to teach them to rearrange and retangle into some semblance of ukulele player. The eyes, the nerves, the muscles, the practice – finally it began to click, to happen automatically, habitually. Whew. Neurons are tough customers.

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Author: Virginia DeBolt

Writer and teacher who writes blogs about web education, writing practice, and pop culture.

5 thoughts on “Tangled”

  1. She woke up slowly lost in a huge bed of tangled sheets and pillows. Although she tried to remember what had happened the night before she couldn’t dredge up anything. Usually Mona was in total control. Almost a mannequin. But then that’s what she was in life. She was a famous model. She was always impeccably dressed and had an icy demeanor. This morning when she finally arose and went into the penthouse bathroom she was shocked by how she looked. Her hair was tangled making her appear Medusa-like. Her makeup was smeared. She felt ill. Her mind raced in so many different directions. Where was she? Whose apartment was this? What happened last night?

  2. If we can call it that, there’s an infrastructure to the technological world and it goes by the name “tangles.” How often do we get tripped up by cords running this way and that? How often do we need to de-tangle or untangle charger cords before their use? How often have we purchased and used (or not) used a utility for bundling cords out of tangled messes into neat. color-coded plug-ins? “Tangled” has become a descriptor of 21st century life, like it not.

  3. The garden of my mind grows thick with tangled leaves and vines – some thorny, pricking, bringing pain and others yielding summer wine.
    Perhaps an almanac of souls is what I really need. With it I’d fertilize the fragrant flow’rs and yank the nasty weeds.

  4. She dragged herself out of bed at around 2 o’clock in the afternoon. Her hands grabbed her tangled head of hair trying to see if she could stop the pounding coming from within. It was tantamount to a sledge hammer being wielded on a cast iron rail. Memories of last night’s shindig started to populate her thoughts. Man, it had been wild, but now she was paying for it with a raging hangover. Drinking on a weeknight was becoming a regular thing for her, and she was beginning to loathe herself. She definitely needed to stay away from the crowd she was hanging around with. She knew they were bad news,,,

  5. In the words of Sir Walter Scott “Oh what a tangle Web we weave when first we practice to deceive”. Jane married Harry in a very expensive and spectacular Wedding ceremony all the while carrying on a hot and heavy affair with her Boss. All those nights she told Harry she had to work were excuses to be with her Boss. Jane determined to keep her marriage and keep her relationship with her Boss decided she needed counseling. Her story is beyond belief.

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