Imagine living on Mars or a moon of Jupiter. The conversation around moving out into the solar system has always been a lively one. Would you go? By choice? By necessity? We’re quickly making our own planet inhospitable to human life. Do you suppose we can pollute and corrupt our entire solar system before we become extinct as a species?

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Author: Virginia DeBolt

Writer and teacher who writes blogs about web education, writing practice, and pop culture.

6 thoughts on “Imagine”

  1. Imagine somebody DOES live on Mars or Jupiter. D’you think they spend as much time looking for us as we spend looking for them? Do they already know we exist and just not care? Have they determined there’s no intelligent life here on earth (they could have easily done so by watching an episode of Keeping Up With the Kardashians). Or maybe there’s a big nothing up there and we’re launching probe after probe into the void.

  2. To imagine is generating a different world, different circumstances, different universe, different creation to live in. It demands creativity and critical thinking. The new STEM framework set up by educational powers-that-be won’t really help in this venture. STEM is an acronym for the disciplines of Technology, Engineering, Math. I can’t recall the first one but you can bet your bottom dollar it has nothing to do with imagining. The new – applied – approach to K-16 education simply does not foster imagination. How sad!

  3. We can imagine lots of things, which is a very unique quality of being human. Our brains are hardwired in a way that allows us to create vivid images of nonexistent places and things. Creativity is a wonderful thing, and we all have the capacity for it.

  4. Almost every single time Alicia played with her younger brother she could be heard saying, “let’s make believe” or “imagine this.” In fact she said it so many times that her mother would become very impatient and ask her to stop saying those words. It drove her mother crazy. As hard as Alicia tried to stop she could not. She would find herself coming up with an idea and energizing her brother by saying, “imagine this….” or “let’s make believe….” They would have grand old times. Sometimes they would built a tent out of a sheet propped up by the arms of the living room sofa and chairs. They’d proceed to crawl around on all fours under that tent pretending they were Indians. Other times they would make believe they were on the lam. Gangsters hiding behind furniture or in closets. When Alicia grew up she realized she had one heck of a great creative mind. Good thing she didn’t let her mother’s admonitions stifle her.

  5. What if?……… Today in many if not most classrooms around the world children are to imagine an horrific event . They are taught how to behave to keep themselves safe if a terrifying situation becomes a reality. This goes far beyond the normal fire drills they learned to expect. Parents when they send their children off to school in the morning can’t
    imagine them not coming home. I wonder if people could imagine peace and have it happen.

  6. “Close your eyes. Imagine the sound of waves crashing against wet sand on the shore. The glimmering lights shining through autumn leaves as they sway with the wind. Sunlight hitting your face and embracing you in warmth all over”, I turned to her, “do you feel a little better now?”

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