If he liked what I said, he would respond with an enthusiastic “Yes!” Feeling validated, I would go off and do whatever it was. If he didn’t like what I said, he would look off into the distance like he was waiting for me to come up with something better. I usually did.

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Author: Virginia DeBolt

Writer and teacher who writes blogs about web education, writing practice, and pop culture.

5 thoughts on “Yes”

  1. Alan Alda’s memoir brought home to me the difference between “yes” and “no” during our life journeys. When we’re young, growing in responsibilities and support others with your ability to “bring home the bacon” you almost always say “Yes” to work offers, even if they’re demeaning or not particularly lucrative. As that phase moves into a successful career it becomes possible to say “No.” There are always at least two sides to reality and evolution is omnipresent..

  2. “Do you know why I pulled you over? the state trooper asked.

    “Yes,” I nodded, “I was going well over the speed limit, I’m aware of that.”

    “D’you wanna tell me WHY you’re driving so fast?”

    “I’m on my way home,” I said, “my neighbor called me & said my house is on fire.”

  3. “Yes!” She was exhausted. Always saying “yes” when asked by people to do something for them. She was such a sweet, kind person. Sensitive to other people’s problems and needs. The downside was that it seemed that everyone flocked to her for help. Could she possibly watch the kids for them while they went to a business function? Could she help out on the school’s PTA? Would she mind coming over to help them with little things after their surgery? Would she pick up some extra groceries for them as long as she was doing her shopping? Could she? Would she? She was finally completely spent. She was helping everyone to the detriment of her own needs. Her own life. She had to learn to say “no.”

  4. It had been several months since I have been home. As I drove up the winding driveway I noticed a huge garden spilling over and on to my property. The neighbor was relatively new to the neighborhood but he gave me no notification of his farming endeavors. I slowly got out of my car taking in the scope of this invasion of my property. He walked over to me real proud like expecting a “yes” to taking what is not his. What he got was totally unexpected.

  5. “Your name is S.”
    “You were away when this …. happened.” He turned ever so slightly in the direction of the neighbours door.
    “You did not see or hear anything unusual in the morning when you left.”
    She could have used “Sir” as she was wont to when talking to her clients . But she didn’t . Why should she ? He was just a constable , that too in a lousy uniform , that didn’t even cover his bulging belly, she noticed the buttons on the tummy stretched to the point of popping, revealing a dirty banian inside . “Must have a lousy wife ” S thought absently.

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