No more historic cresting of the river. No more rain for a while. That’s enough. Okay? Are you listening? I know they need some rain west of here, why don’t you dump a little over there? Thanks so much.

Please use the open space below to share your first 50 words on the topic “no.”


Author: Virginia DeBolt

Writer and teacher who writes blogs about web education, writing practice, and pop culture.

5 thoughts on “No”

  1. “No” is my nephew’s favorite word. He’s all of two & a resounding “No” is his answer to everything from does he want to come inside (after 3 hours running around outside) to is he ready for his bath. He says “No” to everything but a treat…put a cookie in front of him & he says “I bite it”

  2. “No!” She finally learned to say the dirty word, “no.” That was after the many phone calls people made asking her for help. It took a while but it finally happened. The phone calls slowed down and finally almost came to a complete stop. She would run into the people she had helped so much and there would be a new chilled air about them. No more gushing and commenting about how wonderful she was. It took her a while to adapt to this new change in her life. There were still some moments when she would feel badly about the way most people now treated her. Of course, she came to realize that they had been able to use her only because she allowed it. She had always said “yes.” Now that she had learned to say “no” she had time to relax. To read a book. To garden. To enjoy time for herself. It felt very good. She never regretted learning to say “no.”

  3. Anyone who works with mature people in the world of finance discovers that they’ve found it easier to say “no” to suggestions than they did when younger. Why is this? Experience? Regrets? Fear? Realism? Practicality? Determination to make one’s own decisions? A combination of some or all of these? At any rate it happens.

    Later in life, scammers and con artists bamboozle the same people for whom “no” marked their independence. When is it time for the next generation to exercise control of elders’ financial well being? When is it time for the next generation to say “no” in lieu of the elders they care for? When is it time for them to reduce vulnerability? When is it time to lead by saying “no” for someone else? Hard life questions aren’t they?

  4. She could never take no for an answer when it came to her cooking. I sat in her quaint country kitchen gazing out the window my eyes fixed upon acres and acres of rising corn storks. It reminded me of my childhood couldn’t been more than 3 when I last sat in this very place. My thoughts were suddenly interrupted by Nana’s voice saying have another slice of my apple pie? This time I did not want to say no.

  5. “Do you know this person ?” He shoved a photo under her nose . She started and backed out .

    “No”. She said emphatically, and started walking away. He must have seen the expression on her face ,for he began following her. She quickened her pace , so did he . It was scary.

    He caught up with her . His face was inquisitive , almost angry now,”Are you sure ?”


    She didn’t even look at the thing he was holding in his hands. She deliberately looked away , in fact. As if looking at it will contaminate her . It almost did. So many years ago. A wave of nausea gripped her ,unawares.

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