She is young, strong, lithe and 40 years younger than the people she’s leading in exercises. But everyone loves her class because she’s a superior instructor. The balance exercises are the hardest for me. I wobble like a drunk person trying to do them. She encourages, “You got it,” she’ll say. “That’s it,” she’ll say. “Just two more,” she’ll say.

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Author: Virginia DeBolt

Writer and teacher who writes blogs about web education, writing practice, and pop culture.

5 thoughts on “Balance”

  1. My very favorite poem is one entitled “Equlibrium” which turns out to be an ode to balance in life. The poet begins by describing a brave, courageous, audacious life springing from an arrow on its journey like a person walking a flaming tightrope. He then takes a look first at the string and the part it plays. Finally he notes balance: “But O1 the bow at rest!” Balance: fire, daring action, rest. What a life lesson.

  2. It’s about creating a balance. Spend 80 hours a week at work & that’s a dead giveaway your personal life is in complete shambles. For years, I was the one who volunteered to stay late at work (without getting paid overtime); I came in early, I worked through lunch, and I did so without any hope of a promotion or a raise. It was no secret I had zero personal life…no lover, no friend in the world.

  3. Everything in life is composed of a balance – night and day, good and evil, life and death, etc. This polarity is the fundamental order of the world. Our bodies are comprised of a physical being and a spiritual one. Which one is most developed in you?

  4. Phyllis’ balance was off. She couldn’t focus on doing anything particularly useful yesterday. Early in the morning she had received a phone call from a dear close friend. They grew up in the same neighborhood in New York. As young adults they spent time doing fun things with a group going to the beach, dances, or bowling. Eventually their lives took them down different roads in jobs as well as husbands. Finally, many years later they met up again and picked right up just as if they’d never been separated. About fifteen years more of a great comfortable friendship. When her friend called yesterday she knew it wasn’t going to be good news since she rarely called in the morning. Phyllis had to sit down to listen to the results of medical tests. Not only does her friend have a devastating metastatic spread of her prior cancer fight to her bones and lungs but she had a growth removed on her face and it is melanoma. Phyllis remains off kilter – out of balance. She hasn’t cried yet. She’s somewhat still in shock. The time will come soon. She knows how bad this is going to be for her dear, dear friend.

  5. It was 3: 00 AM and Jane was reviewing her on line course for the 2nd time. It was a crazy day. Annabel got sick in school and she had to leave work early to pick her up. By the time they ate supper and Annabel finally fell off to sleep she barely had time to prepare for her finals tomorrow night, let alone face the day ahead. Here she sat barely able to keep her eyes open bemoaning the fact she had no balance in her life.

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