Cross the line

I learned that light travels in a straight line. But to cross the line between darkness and light is a subtle process. A change you can’t actually mark by saying, “Here’s the line. Here’s when it changed.” Even before you can detect the straight ahead beams of light from the sun, the reflected light brightens the sky. Life is like that. Reflections and bounced energy from one thing to another. Where exactly is the line between light and dark?

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Author: Virginia DeBolt

Writer and teacher who writes blogs about web education, writing practice, and pop culture.

6 thoughts on “Cross the line”

  1. “That’s it,” I said, “you’ve crossed the line, “there’s no going back.”

    “Yeah, right,” he laughed, I cheat on you twice a month & you don’t say boo. Why is this one any different?”

    “You really have to ask why my cousin is different than the girls you pick up in bars every night?”

    “Some cousin,” he shot back, “you never spend time with her, I never met her before that night.”

  2. Remember Marcel Marceau? As far as I remember he didn’t cross a line like a “line in the sand.” But he didn’t “color inside the lines” either. His greatest gift to us was and still is that he made us see ourselves imprisoned behind lines of our own making: unflinching rules and regs, “shoulds” and “should nots”, an atmosphere of “But we’ve always done it this way”, “Tradition, Tradition, Tradition” as the song goes. By his miming humanity encased of a closed box of our own making, he did us a great favor. His call for now and the future: “Cross the line. Exercise your freedom. Create. The past is past. It’s now. Future beckons. We are in a changed era. Embrace it. Crpss the line.”

  3. Annik drew a semi-straight line on the playground dirt. Her tormenter stood on the other side and it only took one look from Annik to make the other girl cross it. Annik removed her glasses and her sweater and gave them to her friend. Her tormenter’s eyes widened indicating that Annik was not going to allow her bullying any longer. She realized Annik meant business and began regretting crossing the line.

  4. Damned it! Why oh why did she think this was going to be easy?. She adored her children and showered them with love. Someone might have felt they were spoiled. She knew they weren’t spoiled by having more toys or games than they needed. She didn’t think she could spoil them with love. And love them she did. She was always hugging, teasing, playing with them. Their home was always open to all their friends as well. She wanted her sons to know that they could feel free to express their thoughts and feelings. However, there were rules. It had to be done in a respectful manner. Not in anger. Not cruelly. There was a fine line. There were many times during their teens especially when they crossed that line. Not a night went by that before they went to bed she told them she may not have loved their behavior that day but she always loved them. At times during the passion of the moment they might cross the line. But it didn’t take but a second for her to say, “ah ah…you’ve crossed the line!” And now that they are in their fifties they still may hear those very words rarely.

  5. Many times light crosses the darkness of our lives but do we recognize it? Think of a tree covered with the darkness of night. As dawn approaches rays of light burst forth kissing the tree top daring to cross the line of darkness. I propose if we can identify the light in our lives this may be the point of change where light overwhelms darkness.

  6. Nowhere in nature can one find a straight line. I find this a curious truth, that light and darkness are not opposites there is no line of division these things of matter have qualities of entanglement when one is dark the other becomes light. This line of truth carries forward into infinity there is no end of the line where matter is concerned.

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