What I miss most about her is how funny she could be. She was a great storyteller. Any event in her life could be turned into a funny escapade that would have you rolling on the floor laughing. She had a rare talent to be able to transform an ordinary life that way.

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Author: Virginia DeBolt

Writer and teacher who writes blogs about web education, writing practice, and pop culture.

9 thoughts on “Funny”

  1. It’s funny how things happen sometimes. Images of people and events appear in memory from long ago. You ruminate on them. Suddenly the person reappears in real life or the event does. There must be an explanation, but what? How can this happen so often? It’s funny, unreal, inexplicable.

  2. * “funny” as they thought of the poor hungry women. they could never notice their grandmother’s drops that she wept off her eyes naming it her laughter and letting her pain spread smiles on tinny faces she loved to see. though her son was rich but she was still hungry. *

  3. My friend Maira was very funny. It just came natural to her. She had the most uncanny way of describing things, and the imagery she painted with her mere words was astounding. She was a lot of fun at parties and whenever we hung out. It’s too bad there’s distance between us now for she lives in another state. I do miss her…

  4. Mary’s mother, Sophie, was diagnosed in November with breast cancer mets having spread to her bones. It was too late to be able to treat her. She had her worst Thanksgiving ever dealing with her roller coaster emotions. Next came Christmas which was her most favorite holiday of the year. She would start her shopping in September. She joyfully wrapped the gifts and stored them in her closet anticipating the happiness they would bring to her family. The closer it was to Christmas she became immersed in baking all kinds of delicious decorated cookies. She’d always packed Christmas motif tins full of the goodies and gave them to co-workers, friends, and family. This would be her last Christmas and she would be spending it alone. She didn’t want anyone to see the changes to her face from the pain killers. She didn’t want to make anyone uncomfortable seeing her painfully move around. Every day her daughter called her until the middle of March when she finally died. Each phone call ended with Sophie sadly saying, “life’s funny.”

  5. Funny how things work. My niece, a child who most assuredly did not come out of my body, managed to inherit some of my quirks (quirks neither my sister nor her husband possess). Like me, the little girl refuses to wear shorts (in her soccer team photo, she’s the only one NOT wearing shorts); she also has my fondness for ornamentation, wearing little bracelets & hair accessories. I only hope she didn’t inherit my character flaws as well.

  6. It’s funny how I don’t consider many things others do as funny. Videos of unexpected accidents, falling off a chair, an awkward slip and fall, I see no humor in another’s pain. Satire, making fun about bad deeds or habits or stereotyping a race with humor, that is not funny, to me. Animals by being animals get into positions of distress, is it funny when a cat is stuck in a jar it somehow squeezed itself?

    What I find funny is my own mistakes, yes, I laugh at myself when I burn dinner. Oh, not again, you have got to be kidding. lololol. Children say the funniest things. My son four-year-old son and I would go rock hunting, looking for the most special. When I found one I would say, “Jacob, look a rock” he would come running with excitement. After a month or so he had quite a collection. One day he lost his box of rocks and came to me saying, “Momma, I can’t find my “arocks.” He is 26 now, and I still laugh about that time, arocks…that to me is the purest form of humor.

  7. Being funny is a gift; if you have it then you can count yourself blessed and you will be popular wherever you go. It crosses countries, cultures and any boundary that you can name. To belly laugh with someone is to experience the closeness of a true human connection.

  8. Funny

    He laughs, hiding tears
    and fears that wrap his nights
    in darkness not of nature
    but of memories that hide
    from daylight and the smiles
    of those who think he’s funny,
    a man of jokes and wisecracks,
    with blue eyes so clear and bright
    that alone can see the holes
    in his heart.

  9. Did you ever have a day when nothing went right. For openers the alarm didn’t go off, your boss calls to tell you the afternoon meeting has been changed to 11:00 A.M. and your first grader can’t find his shoes. You find the shoes get your child on the school bus and head for work. The car doesn’t start , triple A tells you it will be at least a half hour before they arrive. You go in for a quick cup of coffee and find your husband used the last coffee pod. Meanwhile the phone rings and it is your in-laws saying they are in town and will be arriving for supper. At that moment you think if this wasn’t so sad it would be funny.

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