We were partners in crime, ranging over a wide swatch of our sleepy town by speeding on our bicycles like the wind. We could move from one place to another with almost invisible grace, causing mayhem everywhere we went. Nobody suspected a thing.

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Author: Virginia DeBolt

Writer and teacher who writes blogs about web education, writing practice, and pop culture.

6 thoughts on “Partners”

  1. We were partners in crime, me & Vinnie. School would let out at 2:45 & we’d meet by his car in the faculty parking lot…We’d stop at a liquor store for a hip flask of whiskey (which I would consume most of as he drove me home). Come the weekend he’d pick me up and we’d go to the bars in the city. Sometimes James came with us, or Pasquale, and a couple of times Anthony came along (but Anthony was my least-favorite of Vinnie’s friends).

  2. It’s surprising we, my sister and I as partners in crime, didn’t graduate to greater things. We began our mutual and small-time thieving by receiving, but not passing on the coins given for the purpose of dropping in the Sunday church collection basket. On the way home was a candy store and we made use of its being open.

    The neighborhood dime store was also a frequent target. Practicality dictated that money wasn’t targeted. Rather things like comic books, barrettes, #2 pencils and other hideable objects were pocketed or otherwise cached for later pleasures.

    Eventually the evasion of almsgiving came to light, but never our shoplifting partnership-in-crime. However maturity spelled the end of both segments..

  3. My brother and I, siblings, friends and partners in crime! I, as the younger one, followed his lead and obeyed every instruction. We glided about like ghosts…visible yet not visible. We were blurry spectacles whizzing by.

    Gates with ‘Beware of Dog’ warnings mysteriously opened on their own, causing some horrible situations. Letters in letter boxes outside the house reached the wrong place. And people who were rude generally were recipients of our worst pranks.

    When anonymous letters appeared in the mail supposedly typed by a hoodlum, demanding payment for photographs that would expose their secret shenanigans the parish priest and community leaders got together and decided to set up a round-the-day watch.

    We volunteered for the evening watch after school, along with many other kids. We were highly recommended by the teacher, who praised us as attentive, well-mannered, and helpful. As did the priest of ur church. We were regular, devout, and perfect examples of good Christian kids!

    The unpleasant incidents reduced remarkably, and the extortion letters stopped as mysteriously as they started, much to the relief of many good-standing denizens of the community.

    My brother and I soon whizzed past this phase of our life, exciting as it was, we found better things in the world beyond our little neighbourhood.

    Sorry…got carried away and “whizzed” past the 50 word count!

  4. * the two remained together, though not living, but their souls could be felt by one another, though not in real. One could just see one name shared by the two graves,
    “partners, unmarried in love” *

  5. They were the best lifetime partners I’ve ever seen. Naturally I’m somewhat biased since they happen to be my beloved grandparents. They lived in two different Eastern European villages. She was planning on marrying a boy from her village. Meeting my grandfather at a wedding changed her plans. The moment her bright blue eyes locked with his chocolate brown orbs that was it. They married soon afterwards and decided to leave Europe for America. There they would join his two older brothers and their wives so they wouldn’t feel completely alone in their new chosen country. I have a lot of wonderful stories I could relate here but that would be much too long. What I want to share about partners was that at their fiftieth anniversary celebration a professional photographer took a photo of them. In that photo they are looking directly into one another’s eyes. He captured their long-lasting love so beautifully. It’s my favorite photo of them. I’ve learned to appreciate their love more now that I’m so much older and have experienced my own relationships with men. I wish I could share that photo here but know you can use your imagination. That photo makes me feel so warm and loving.

  6. The problem – a shared driveway that needs to be paved and a neighbor who thinks she has to partner with her neighbor to pay the cost of the paving. A friend made the suggestion, divide the driveway in half and each pay a separate bill to the paving company You don’t need to be partners to use the driveway. The neighbor is thinking and still hasn’t figured out the meaning of the word partner.

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