My Baby

“Hi there, gorgeous. You are lookin’ good tonight.” He smiled. He looked so nice in a button down shirt and slacks.

“Let me make you a drink.” He took her hand and led her to the kitchen. Liquor and soda bottles littered the counter. He picked up a paper cup. “What’s your drink, my baby?”

“Coke is fine,” she answered.

He turned away from her and slowly filled a cup with Coke. He turned back with a smile. “Here you go, sweetheart. Why don’t we go outside – get away from all these people?”

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Author: Virginia DeBolt

Writer and teacher who writes blogs about web education, writing practice, and pop culture.

4 thoughts on “My Baby”

  1. In certain cultures it’s commonplace to refer to adolescent and even adult children as
    “baby” as well as infant human beings. Often we hear “He (or she) was my baby!” cried out in anguish as a parent tries to get a grip on a tragedy that forevermore took a child from the family. Just as often, it’s used as a substitute name for a child (not a nickname but a name to which someone will respond in the same way he/she would respond to a legal name). It might stick for life. At present, I know of two Haitian girls for whom this is so. Both live at a Port au Prince Child Care Center, Baby #1 is 15 and niece of the co-founder. Baby #2 goes by Baby Ruth (Ruth being her birth name). She and her Mother had been living in a tent on rented park land for six years after the earthquake until invited to the haven that Santa Chiara Child Care Center has become. Doors opened in November, 2015 with one child to care for (a neighbor of the Haitian co-founder). Today, it has become a “field of dreams” simply as it became a presence. SCCC is there; it’s a desperate need. People find it with more babies than the two above. So many stories here..,…

  2. My Baby, a famous Cold Chisel song from 1980. The majority of Cold Chisel songs were sung by the lead singer Jimmy Barnes but My Baby was sung by Ian Moss, the guitarist of the Australian band. I can’t recall what album it was from but I can recall the year for reasons I will not go into here!

  3. Of course! Of course my baby was the most beautiful baby in the universe. He was a healthy baby. Cuddly. Happy. Blonde with sky blue eyes. A button nose and a cleft in his chin. When he smiled and gurgled at me that was it. I melted. No one could possibly have ever felt the way I did. I was overwhelmed with love. When the nurses first placed him on my chest I immediately felt like a mama tiger. I would literally kill anyone who would try to harm him. I felt ferocious. Protective of my beautiful baby. Now that he’s fifty-four I still look at him and think to myself, “my baby.” He’s special.

  4. As I remember the day it was pouring rain and I decided to spend the afternoon baking chocolate chip cookies. The girls were still at school and our 18 month old son upstairs sleeping, or so I thought. A half an hour later there was a knock on the door and a strange looking man with a green hat asked if that was my kid walking up the block. I went to grab the umbrella and it was gone. Losing no time I ran down the front steps and looked up the block and there he be dressed in a sagging diaper holding a blue umbrella walking as though on a mission, my baby.

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