“Whose book is this?”

“It was mine, but I gave it to Jane and then she passed it on to Sylvia.” I shrugged. “You could say it belongs to whoever wants to read it next.”

“Okay,” she said. She stuffed the book in her purse. “Now it’s mine.”

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Author: Virginia DeBolt

Writer and teacher who writes blogs about web education, writing practice, and pop culture.

4 thoughts on “Mine”

  1. Is it so bad that I want a life that’s MINE? My mother seems to think so. I’m nearly 39 years old and yet she refuses to accept that I’m an entity unto myself, separate from her. She considers me an accessory, the same as her handbag. I don’t want to live that way.

  2. That’s all she ever heard when he was little. Her brother was three years younger than she. Whenever they played together, and that was most of the time, she would see him grab a toy or a ball and say, “mine!” Seems as if that was his M.O. throughout his life. She never saw a photo of him from times gone past where he was smiling. He was always miserable looking and did not smile. When she thought about it she came to the conclusion that he always thought everything was or should have been “mine.” That’s why he was such a miserable old man. That’s why they weren’t even on speaking terms. He discovered during his lifetime that he couldn’t have everything. He couldn’t take what was hers when they became adults. And so, of course, he was very angry with her. It was all her fault. He wasn’t going to get his way forever.

  3. When my brother was around 3 years old and he saw a double decker bus or a van out on the road, he would point at it and say “M-m-mine!”
    He recognised that he had toy cars that looked like these vehicles and he needed to express that. I can still hear his little voice fumbling with the word ‘mine’ and all it meant to him.

  4. Yours,mine, ours – gets the discussion going every time. In the 25 years I have conducted marriage seminars those three little words can be a monster rival to the three little words, ” I love you.” Each and every couple seem to want to come to terms yet struggle when posed with real life situations when the words demand definition and acceptance, especially” mine.” Good news, there is an answer and couples find it when they know where to look.

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