I wonder whatever happened to that little boy. You remember that kid with the fascination for trains? He lived in the rooming house on the corner. Yeah, that little blond guy. Every time a train rolled by he would rush down the street to watch it. Do you suppose he found a job on the railroad when he grew up? I don’t even remember his name, just how excited he was by trains.

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Author: Virginia DeBolt

Writer and teacher who writes blogs about web education, writing practice, and pop culture.

4 thoughts on “Fascination”

  1. Change of all sorts fascinates me. There’s nothing else to say. It’s why I believe “The Sky Cloud” sculpture in Chicago”s Millennium Park (popularly known as “The Bean”) is the epitome of expressing our age, both culturally and religiously. The Bean shows impermanence of the present as nothing else can, that we live in an Anthropocene Age where everything that happens is due to humanity. Our eyes tell us Creation is never over. Gaze at The Bean; reflect for even just a minute. Everything changes, yet remains the same. Become fascinated along with me.

  2. She had a never-ending fascination with nature. Nothing was better than hiking on a trail through the woods. She learned the names of trees and plants. It wasn’t surprising that she loved gardening almost better than anything in the world. When she would sketch her garden plans they never had a formal, organized look. Instead, her fascination with nature could be seen. Her garden beds would contain boulders, crushed gravel, winding paths of either cedar mulch or paver stones. When you walked through the gardens there always was a little surprise at the end of a curving path. Very much like the outdoors when you’d be on a trail and then make a turn to catch a spectacular sight of a pond, a brook, a waterfall, or a special cluster of unusual trees and ferns. And then, of course, there always was the fascination with the creatures of the forest. What is lovelier than hearing the birds and animals; whether the bird songs or the animal snap of a twig on the ground if you startle them? Endlessly fascinating.

  3. “Life can only be understood backward , but it must be lived forward.” This was an observation made by Physicist Nielsen Bohr. If we take this premise and apply it to ourselves can we identify the times in our lives that we beheld something,someone, in facination and why?

  4. The kindergarten teacher told us, children, to gather round for story time. I was very eager to be read a story. I already developed a fascination for books and language. The teacher, seated on a small chair, raised the book and read the title, Which Witch Was Which? I just about died.

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