I remember standing beside my mother, watching pancakes on a griddle. She explained how you can tell when the griddle is hot enough to start cooking. How to tell if the pancakes are ready to turn over. How to tell if they are cooked through after you turn them. When to turn the heat down on the griddle. I can still cook a mean pancake. Thanks mom.

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Author: Virginia DeBolt

Writer and teacher who writes blogs about web education, writing practice, and pop culture.

5 thoughts on “Pancakes”

  1. Sometimes my mom would serve breakfast for dinner which included pancakes. Us children had more questions about Aunt Jamina than we did about how to cook pancakes. My mom said when bubbles appeared it was time to flip them.

    I had trouble cooking pancakes for my children. Each spoon poured mix would run together forming one giant pancake. I called it pizza pancake.

  2. Back in the old days pancakes were a treat and fun to make.. The war years brought oleo. Then came Pam for no sticking. After that came Aunt Jemima corn syrup. Betty Crocker’s Bisquick appeared in the 50’s. Now we have powdered eggs and loads of sugar substitutes. Whole milk has also morphed. It’s now either 2% or skim milk. I haven’t eaten pancakes for so long, I wonder if the cook has to look for bubbles as sign to turn the cooking batch over. I use the excuse “lactose intolerant” for not eating or ordering pancakes, but really, what I’m intolerant of are all the fake ingredients we put into our bodies in 2016. Before you come at me to urge that I make pancakes the old-fashioned way, please note I’m old and don’t get around much any more. It’s much easier to say, “No, thanks”

  3. One of my husband’s best breakfasts is pancakes. He uses buttermilk and they are the lightest, fluffiest delights. They’re cooked in a fifty-year old “spider.” To anyone not old enough to know what that is: it is a black iron frying pan. Low fat anything is pretty much not allowed in our home. The pancakes are not only cooked in real butter but are served while hot with butter and Vermont maple syrup dripping on them. Nothing ever but Vermont maple syrup which we buy each Spring when the sap runs and the sugarhouses are very busy producing the best maple syrup ever. Not only do his pancakes make a terrific breakfast but have you ever made extras tenderly wrapped in cling wrap and placed in the frig? After dinner you simply roll one or two up, plop a scoop of your favorite ice cream on top with some berries or sprinkle with confectioners sugar and fruit. I better stop now because I’m beginning to salivate.

  4. Pancakes are what we feasted on as we hid in the room. In there we could be us. Together and smelling of sweet syrup. Once we were finished eating, we had to part ways. So, we feigned hunger and turned the burner on once again. Just the pancakes and us.

  5. In the book, Prevent and Reverse Heart Disease, Ann Crile Esselstyn advises,”Pancakes made from whole-wheat(containing no eggs and no oil) are really good! ” No way, I thought. Then I put her rather simple receipes to the
    test. To my surprise and a few willing participants – they were really good and so began my journey to plant-based foods.

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