Can you keep a secret?

Well, that depends. If I’m not as trustworthy as you hope, will the consequences be really hurtful or dangerous?


The secret – is it about something that could hurt people?

No. It’s about Sandy’s birthday.

Oh. Yeah, I can keep a secret.

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Author: Virginia DeBolt

Writer and teacher who writes blogs about web education, writing practice, and pop culture.

3 thoughts on “Secret”

  1. A secret is not a secret if you share it with even one person on earth. Once you’ve shared a secret it’s out there and develops a life of its own. Better to keep it to yourself forever as much as you would love to be able to share it with someone. With anyone. It’s not easy to keep something completely to yourself; especially if you’ve a few very close friends and are an open person. The one or two times in my life that I’ve shared a secret have always worked out badly. I’ve learned the hard way. Right now I have a painful secret that I would love to share. It would ease the pain of this secret for me to share it. However, I know better than to do it. I’ll just have to hold on tightly until this period in my life goes by. My life has been fractured and it would be nice to be able to talk it over with someone. That’s not going to happen. It can’t.

    There was a new psychiatrist in town, although no one had met him yet, so did not know he was walking among them. He was wearing soft-soled, shiny black shoes that allowed him to pass quietly through the crowds unnoticed. He quickened his step as he reached the intersection.

  3. He was a musician, sax player to be exact. Frank was 5ft 11 in, slim with the most beautiful light brown thick wavy hair. His smile was captivating and I could not wait to be held in his arms. It was nearly 1:00 PM when he would awake from his NY night club gig. Shortly after we would take our daily walk in Bronx Park ,just the two of us. Our destination was our secret.

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