I was trapped by my lie. Trapped by my own omission. I made it harder for myself because I longed to talk about it. I wanted to share it, reveal it all. Somehow I managed to keep my mouth shut. I don’t normally do well at that. But I did it this time.

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Author: Virginia DeBolt

Writer and teacher who writes blogs about web education, writing practice, and pop culture.

8 thoughts on “Trapped”

  1. I was trapped by all the lies I told. “The truth will set you free” they say, but for decades I refused to be honest with myself or anyone else. I lied, I denied…and I had to tell more falsehoods to cover the original ones. It got difficult to remember which lies I’d told to who, it started to feel like a huge weight on top of me.

  2. I was trapped for twenty-two years in a miserable marriage. He proclaimed to friends and family that I was a wonderful wife and mother. Yet, although he treated me nicely most of the time, he had crazy moments where he would lose his temper for some stupid little reason. It was always surprisingly shocking to me because after each event several years followed where his behavior was normal. People wonder why women stay in an abusive marriage. In my case I stayed because I had been brought up in a home without a father living in it. When I had my two sons and discovered my husband’s problem I didn’t want to break up my family so that my sons would be living, like I did, without a father at home. Of course, my husband never abused my sons and he never did anything to me while they were home. Once the twenty-two period arrived and my sons were adults; one out of the house by then and the other soon to follow, it was time for me to leave. My history was being pushed down the stairs, slapped in the face, and finally choked to the point of a brief blackout. He threw a kitten I had up at the ceiling when it clawed him picking it up. He beat our dog with a broom one morning because it was ten degrees outside and the dog piddled in the rear hallway. All I found were wall to wall whisks from the broom. Ecstatic now to be free and no longer trapped! However, the very bad news is that he has managed to alienate my sons from me by lying and denying his problem. Ultimately, I have wound up being the bad person because I left this absolutely wonderful role model for a husband.

  3. The funniest couple of entrapments I’ve witnessed happened to a tiger cat and his calico sister a long time ago. The tiger was Bumper because he wasn’t the most coordinated of cats. She was Cracker due to her personality.

    Cracker was the explorer. As a kitten she was always into things – literally trapped.. One time is was the refrigerator. Then it was a closed kitchen drawer and following that was the space between stairs that were being redone.

    We were always careful that if the cats were out in the yard, we’d corral them before nightfall because that’s roam-time, big city or not. We absolutely could not find Bumper one evening. After searching everywhere, I heard a cat-call from the neighbor’s basement and found a plank so he could get out. It was easy to jump down but too high to make it back out. Trapped! Then there was this: our vicinity was being visited by a possum so we received a humane trap from Animal Control. We didn’t the possum but on the second day I met up with Bumper trapped in the cage with the most surprised cat face you can imagine. I can still see it although it happened over 40 years ago.

  4. Yesterday I was startled by a word that challenged language I’d once used. “Stuck” described certain women who came to see me. “Stuck,” I’d think as each one cried of years of misery with a man. “Trapped,” the current word, gives more depth to her story. She experiences life as in a cage, captive of an abusing figure who will not release her. Dreaming of flight, she finally accepts her jailer will not free her. I, her therapist, will have the key. Never. Escape, when it arrives, is this woman’s courage.

  5. I was trapped. I am a trapped. I will be trapped. By the expectations of everyone else but mostly my expectations of myself. By the traditions of a culture that even as we move with time and place somehow remain the same. By the broken promises of my mother. By the unmarked grave of my father. By the unnamed body in my bed. By the ghosts that haunt my dreams. I tell you again I am trapped. I will be trapped.

  6. For three long , agonising years , she was trapped in this abusive marriage , that sapped her energies, stifled her and consumed every second of her time . It was a nightmare that seemed never to end . Every day she would wake up , and pray for some relief, some benediction , to release her from this hell. She had this baby , in the meanwhile . She prayed hard , for her baby and for herself .And one day , Gods relented .

  7. I was trapped by worries. Worries that were self created and had no real existence. The ‘what if ‘s’ and ‘what if not’s’ swimming in the tides of my mind washed up every time I had a happy thought. I was trapped by negative thoughts that formed an endless trail. Impossible to break. No, not impossible but rather very difficult to break.

  8. I grew up in this town. I knew every street and alley like the back of my hand. During the 30 years I lived here, almost nothing had changed. Only the people who would move in, and occasionally move out. Having stayed too long here, I became trapped by comfort.

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