How did they make the air in the dog pound smell so fresh? Her mind was on Fabreze as she wandered between the cages, eyeing eager dogs. Too big and hairy. Too small and yippy. “This one’s darling,” she said. She knelt before a mid-sized dog – mostly brown with one floppy ear. The dog looked back at her with interest and sniffed at her finger tips. “Could we take her out?”

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Author: Virginia DeBolt

Writer and teacher who writes blogs about web education, writing practice, and pop culture.

2 thoughts on “Darling”

  1. “Darling: You may have heard this one said in movies or spoken by women who pronounce it “dahlin’.” Outside of movies, the term darling is still sometimes used by older people, usually by women to people they care about, or by men to their wives.” So say the people who must be correct about this topic; words that are becoming extinct. Perhaps that’s why Marie found that when she heard people using the word she thought they were overdoing it a bit. This is the same way she felt about her friend after she had moved out to California. When she returned home for a visit she used a completely phony California accent. Once she moved to Connecticut to retire she lost the phony accent quickly. Guess what? She now has taken on a new accent. She lives in an affluent area and belongs to the Garden Club and Senior Community Center. A bit of the Connecticut Yankee snob has now influenced her accent. Amazing how quickly she can change. Quite the chameleon. Not one of her longtime friends has called her on it yet. They just laugh thinking she’s still such a silly goose..

  2. To say someone or something is darling in today’s world has to be done tongue-in-cheek or as an anachronism. Personally I even find emojis (emoticons) depicting over-the-top kinds of feelings sort of skin deep or corny. I don’t have to expend mental energy when I describe a living or even non-living thing as “darling..” There is no effort made to distinguish this darling from all the other darlings around. I become embarrassed at the use of this descriptor in my presence because the temptation always arises to lower my respect for the intelligence of the speaker. And that certainly is NOT darling..

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