There are no guarantees in life. Things can change in a moment and the future looks completely different after that moment passes. When I met her I was just passing through town. I was minding my own business, filling my gas tank, buying a soda and a bag of peanuts, and she walked up to me.

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Author: Virginia DeBolt

Writer and teacher who writes blogs about web education, writing practice, and pop culture.

4 thoughts on “Guarantee”

  1. Talk about guarantees. Just think of the one Volkswagon to its buyers in the recent past: “Buy our cars and never more worry about flunking an emissions test.” Back in the old days when I received my first driver’s license a Beetl;e was all I could afford. but I was proud to drive it. That and the license in my wallet guaranteed my mobility and mobility was part of my job. Volkswagon became a value in my life. Now I feel bad for those who were hoodwinked by a company which appears to laugh in the face of integrity, customer relations, climate change, the health of people with lung problems. It’ll be a pretty long time before VW will gain my trust again, despite any guarantees they advertise.

  2. “I guarantee you are going to love this house.” So said the real estate agent. Right there and then Marie felt distaste for the agent. The agent did not know Marie at all. Did he think he knew precisely what she wanted based on the few stupid questions he asked as he was filling in a form? She had worked part-time at real estate just after her divorce as a second job. She was very much aware about how the owners of the firms wanted agents to push houses regardless of whether or not they were overpriced or inappropriate for the client. When she worked she did what she wanted and never tried to sell a client a property that she didn’t feel was just right for them. Despite that, she wound up selling the most expensive property in town her first year. She believed it was because she worked at understanding the client’s needs fully. She would never have told anyone that she was guaranteeing they would love any property. Nothing in life is guaranteed. We all know that by the time we’re in our thirties. It only takes a few bumps in the road of life to figure that out unless we’re really stupid.

  3. The word guarantee is like a cup of hot chocolate on a cold frosty day. It is supposed to bring comfort to the weary and undecided buyer that the purchase is not in vain. Now there is MIke who bought a used car with a guarantee only to find it was void the day after the sale. What did he do ? That is a whole other story.

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