All American

Yesterday was all about celebrating how proud we are to be American. Blowing up stuff and eating barbecue with the family is as all American as it gets. Please pass the watermelon.

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Author: Virginia DeBolt

Writer and teacher who writes blogs about web education, writing practice, and pop culture.

2 thoughts on “All American”

  1. All-American usually pertains to whatever sports star of the moment is “hot” and being publicized. All-American also is a unique variant of a semi-automatic Marksmen carbine which I’m sure members of the NRA are familiar. Neither of the former All-Americans interests me at all. Actually, the latter is repulsive and frightening. The term ” All-American” when speaking about Americans in general appeals tremendously because it denotes honesty and industriousness. I’d like to add bravery to that because of all the people who have fought in wars defending our country and protecting liberty. It’s to the latter that we owe so much and should never forget to honor. The Fourth of July reminds me of that every summer.

  2. “All-American” at first reads as though patriotic glow Is called for. Not so. Like anything else there’s a dark side. We oldies remember the view the people of many other countries carried for us: “Ugly American.” We’ve also become a nation that epitomizes “The enemy.” I also remember the song “Bye, Bye American Pie” embraced by resisters to the Vietnam War. Our participation in WWII came closest to being the “All American” War, but like all wars, we were duped into it and a great many families with their children were harmed for life. Eyes open is the best way to be “All American.”

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