The Five Paragraph Essay

A few years back I worked as a contractor at IBM. One of the women I worked with had kids in middle school. One day she sent me an email about something. It was a perfect 5 paragraph essay. The opening paragraph with her 3 points, the 3 supporting paragraphs, and the summary. She’d been helping her kids with their homework, I’ll bet.

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Author: Virginia DeBolt

Writer and teacher who writes blogs about web education, writing practice, and pop culture.

3 thoughts on “The Five Paragraph Essay”

  1. This will not be a five paragraph essay. I’m not even sure it will take three. I just finished reading THE GIRL ON THE TRAIN by Paula Hawkins. For months I had resisted I should have listened to my inner self but it has been on the Best Seller List for so long I caved in.

    It’s written in the new form – chapters laying down a thread usually about one character; dropping that one to pick up another and then another. When the cycle is complete the reader it treated to other go-rounds until the story is done. I have no patience for this.

    This particular story revolves around (the correct term) episodes which turn into real life relationships in the lives of three very weak (definitely not empowered) women. Oh, yes men are involved, but only as ideal supports and they definitely don’t live up to the women’s fantasies or desires.

    The end result, for me, was a very bleak view of gender relationships. How sad.


    Democrats, Republicans, conservatives, liberals, independents, and Libertarians all agree that the Earth is temporarily getting warmer. Our old Earth has done this many times before and it has also cooled many times before. Where the “left” and the “right” disagree is the cause of Global Warming (some call it climate change). The left on our continent and in Europe, say that mankind is causing it—CO2, coal smoke, auto exhaust fumes, diesel trucks, etc. The “right” folks state that the change is natural and could be caused by several things. High sun activity—our star—is one of them.
    Between the last two Ice Ages, 11,000 years ago and 10,000 years ago, we had 700 years of Global Warming. The Oriental-Asian ancestors of most of the Native Americans (the Indians) coming from the west, crossed the Bering Sea during those 700 years.
    The water was lower—there were multi-billions of gallons of ocean water frozen in mile high ice mountains both from Alaska to Siberia and from France across to Nova Scotia. Some European immigrant peoples from what is now France, just followed the ice mountains during the 700 years and made it to North America as well—‘they’ eventually mixed with the Asian immigrants that survived the enormous drought after the last Ice Age—most of the Clovis peoples died.
    When Europeans first met with New England natives, they noticed a European “look” amongst the Algonquians. There are early paintings extant depicting those features.
    As far as I can tell from research, the cavemen and women did not have a car. There were no oil wells. Coal was not mined. AND there were only about 5 million humans on Earth—not the billions we have now. Yet, there was still warming on a global scale. Go figure. Warming sells books though; just ask the inventor of the Internet, Al Gore.

    Fred Barber

  3. Five paragraph essay. This was her child’s holiday homework. It had to be five paragraphs. No more, no less. She racked her brains and thought about it. She thought about as she stood in the queue to her grocery store. She thought about it as she sat in the car , waiting at the traffic lights. She mulled over it as she scrubbed her greasy pots. Then it hit her. It had to be thus…

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