What if

What if all the men of color who somehow managed to escape the criminal justice system to reach adulthood got together? What if they paraded before a television camera to say their name and what they do? Everyone from the most famous like Barack Obama and Neil deGrasse Tyson to the local high school teachers and the doctors and the business owners and the government workers? What if we made all the police departments in America watch that?

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Author: Virginia DeBolt

Writer and teacher who writes blogs about web education, writing practice, and pop culture.

5 thoughts on “What if”

  1. What if the the leadership of our beloved County spoke words of wisdom, compassion and council that unified and opposed the language of division and animosity. What if leadership learned and spoke the language of healing to all without partiality. We live in a difficult time. A time of killings and murder and great division. What if Martin Luther King was alive today what would he say. I can’t imagine him making the police in America listen to him but I can imagine him speaking so that all would listen to him. The art of language is truly a gift.

  2. WHAT IF I could fly, invisible to all, using two special kinds of dust bombs I could dispense with a flick of my wrist? Very easy to use but with exceptionally magical results. One would be able to eradicate wars and would make evil people painlessly disappear in a puff of smoke. The other would create productive and beautiful villages where the remaining good people would live in harmony. The adults who lived in these villages would automatically have a healthy dose of happiness and peace restored. No need for greed since the playing field was level. Plenty of delicious crops and sweet, clean water. The opportunity for each and every person to be creative in any way they chose. Lots of gentle animals and beautiful songbirds. WHAT IF the people who lived in these villages were a magnificent mix of sizes, shapes, and colors? Think of a beautiful bouquet! WHAT IF anyone heard what I was thinking? I’d be locked up in some institution post haste.

  3. What if the birds could speak to us?
    What if stray dogs could retort and curse?
    What if the earth stopped in its axis?
    What if new borns could walk and dress?
    What if the rivers changed their course?
    What if the winds lose their force?
    What if the dead came alive ?
    What if I met Robert Clive ?

  4. What if I could communicate thoughts to you without speaking?
    What if I could communicate feelings the same way?
    What if I had friends?
    What if I were one among the X-men?
    What if all the scary clowns actually have a master plan?
    What is life is a simulation?
    What if this is not real?
    What if Neil deGrasse Tyson commented on this post?

  5. There is a young man who has a mind spinning profile. Nothing checks out, yet much is depending on his true identity. My curiosity is beside myself. My gut says there is a story here beyond imagination. What if……. and do I dare proceed?

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