New and Improved

After the convention with so many inspiring people around me, I felt like a new and improved me. Someone who would be different – better. I wanted to be better, more like those successful people who offered so much advice. It sounded so easy. A few minutes a day. But when I got home . . .

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Author: Virginia DeBolt

Writer and teacher who writes blogs about web education, writing practice, and pop culture.

5 thoughts on “New and Improved”

  1. I’ve reached an introspective point where I need to ponder “Why am I so negative regarding a hint of new-and-improved?” Perhaps it’s a long life where that phrase was and still is used to entice me as consumer. I am at the point of resentment. I feel abused. I feel duped. I feel angry. “New and improved” is pretty much a contradiction in terms. because in truth what carries this label usually is neither new (it’s tweaked) nor is it improved (the tweaking most often hides or substitutes a harmful ingredient for another of the same nature.)

    Summing up, most often for me new-and-improved urges: “Run. Do not walk away.”

  2. “New and improved” is an American advertising term invented some time ago when TVs became accessible to most households in the United States. By now we all are contemptuous of the insulting meaningless term it is.

    Have we all noticed over the past few years that the packaging may change a bit and the weight of the product diminishes but the powers that be will say, “New and Improved!” How about the English Muffins that used to be more plump and delicious? Now you open a package only to see unappealing flattened and smaller sized muffins. Candy bars seem to have shrunk over the years. How about new versions of software that extol all the virtues of the latest and greatest? You only find out after you’ve had the opportunity to use the app that it’s got all sorts of frustrating kinks that weren’t worked out. Lastly, how can something be both “new” and “improved?” Improving something implies revising something that already exists. How then can you improve something new? Aargh!!!

  3. New and Improved. Learn from yesterday and the moment that just past. Continually, change and become a better version of me every second of every day. Be new and improved in every way , a true all rounder, always growing and bettering myself. Learning, realising errors, changing errors, always changing – always new and improved.

  4. “New and improved” is really a slogan, an advertising line. The item or product is not new, but it has refinements. It is the same with people, we have always been around, but we get better at certain things. hopefully.

  5. “I will come home , this fall, a new and improved me .”Curt and short.
    “But we want you back now . I don’t want to wait for the fall.”Whimper.
    “You must wait, for me to improve myself .” Steel resolve .
    “You are not mayo, you are you. I like the way you are. Stop right there and come back home .”Wail.

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