What’s On?

“What’s on?” People want to know what’s on your iPod, your TV, your stereo, your X Box, your bedside table, your car radio. They think it says something about you. It probably does. So you should know that I watched “Marcella” all weekend, I listened to Natalie Merchant and Al Jarreau in my car, keep my radio tuned to NPR and I finished reading “The Marriage of Opposites” this weekend. Now you know all my secrets.

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Author: Virginia DeBolt

Writer and teacher who writes blogs about web education, writing practice, and pop culture.

4 thoughts on “What’s On?”

  1. Sign of the times: a lot of people no longer ask what’s on. It smacks too much of the present and the past which have pretty much become dead in the water. Instead, evolution, emergence has begun to take over our consciousness. We want to know, rather, what’s trending; what the future holds – why and how.

    What I or we are doing no longer has primacy in value. It’s why I or we are doing what we’re doing that’s important. Even interest in how we do what we do muscles its way past unadorned “what’s on tap? or any other “what’s on?”. It’s the difference between boring data and lively engagement, between statistics and communication, between polarity and connectedness, even between fear and hope.

  2. “What’s on?” Beautiful words to a mother’s ears. Every school day afternoon when the two boys arrived back home via their school bus the first question they asked was, “what’s on?” This had nothing to do with media or computers. They loved to eat. It seemed once they reached their teens they were eating all the time; somewhat like cattle grazing in the pasture. The younger one also began to show an interest in actually cooking and baking when he was ten years old. Don’t know whatever happened to that because he no longer cooks. However, they both still love good food. They love to try new restaurants based on the Trip Advisor or newspaper reviews. And what better match than a mother who loved to cook? There was the vegetarian phase but at that time there weren’t very many really tasty recipes. That tells you how long ago this was. Certainly didn’t last long. Next we went through the Wok phase when I chopped and diced using my special sharp knives. Loved to hear the sizzle of the food as it hit the hot Wok. We even had oriental bowls with ceramic spoons. Oh, yes, we consistently kept our selection of favorite Italian and French recipes going. Then there were the one hundred Polish pierogis that we made at Christmas to share with loved ones. There were the winter soups, the summer salads and grilling, the holiday baking. Wonderful aromas wafted out of that kitchen tantalizing our taste buds. To this day if someone comes by to visit and asks “what’s on?” because something is simmering, I’m overjoyed. I’d rather dish up the food than the gossip. It’s my forte.

  3. What’s on the TV to watch and cheer
    Whats on your mind,gossip for me to hear
    whats on the stovetop, to stir and sear
    whats on your report, to read and fear

  4. “What’s on your face,” my husband asked. Just coming back from my art studio I knew it was paint. Looking into the mirror I said, it is a combination of French Ultramarine blue and Alizarin Crimson and Titanium White. I was panting clouds. Looks like I am wearing some.

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