The Fern


I carried a camp chair off into the trees with me every morning. I like to stop on the hill and sit next to a big fern. I loved that fern for some reason. The view from the hill was soothing. Sometimes other walkers would pass me by, say hello, and keep going. It was my spot.

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Author: Virginia DeBolt

Writer and teacher who writes blogs about web education, writing practice, and pop culture.

4 thoughts on “The Fern”

  1. The fern(s) would gently undulate in the mildest of breezes. The cool shades of green brought comfort to us on those sultry summer days when the temperatures hit above ninety degrees. What better solution when on a budget and desperately needing some sort of privacy border between ourselves and our nightmare neighbors? The latter made our lives unbearable with their almost weekly harassment because we’d refused to sign a variance so that they could build yet another out- building close to the property line. Many of the old New England homes had a bank of ferns growing along their foundations. Pleasant cool shades of green contrasted beautifully with the white painted homes. We decided to plant some Ostrich ferns which grow quite high. If successful, we would not have to erect a privacy fence as well. Did the trick! They grew like wildfire and look gorgeous. It’s always interesting trying to outsmart our nasty neighbors without getting into a verbal tussle.

  2. Ferns are intriguing plants, arriving on the scene by means of spores rather than seeds. They differ from regular flora in other ways also:, especially variety.

    The major point I wish to make, is about hardiness. A year ago I was gifted with a basket containing four different plants, one of which I now know to be a fern. I was drawn to it because of its appearance: different from anything I knew: delicate even fragile. In time and because of circumstances the plants died off, all except the one. which clung to life in skeletal fashion. I transplanted it and gave it special attention. It flourished. Although I doted on this special plant I didn’t know what it was until one day a visitor remarked on my maidenhair fern and how “alive” it looked. Another mystery solved. It’s now my favorite houseplant that I intent to cherish until my dying day.

  3. A tinkle and a photo uploads on the whatsapp.”My new fern!” The caption gushes , “at reasonable price too”. That would be her . Always willing to share every new thing in her life, even ferns and their prices. Even with old grouches like me.
    It looked lush and green. I couldn’t resist needling her . It reminded me of a wild date palm tree that grew outside our childhood home . It would cost nothing . Her reaction was priceless. She stopped chatting and went offline.

  4. Did you ever find a very big fern in the trash. My neighbor did. It was really big but needed a lot of TLC. She lovingly took this very big fern to her condo Lanai and nursed it into a beautiful well groomed prize of a plant and named it Harvey. My neighbor had to leave for a few months and asked me if I would take Harvey. I did and for the first month things went well with this beautiful fern until it went on a growing spree. It spewed it’s excess matter all over my lanai. Its care outweighed its beauty. When the owner returned and relived me of fern duty, it was not over. For weeks I was finding remnants of Harvey. As pleasing as a photo of a fern may be it does nothing for me.

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