The News

The news is so depressing, I don’t watch it. It’s a mental health issue. Despair rules. I know what I can do to change the way the world works and I’m doing it. Every day. Watching the failures obsessively on 24 hour news channels doesn’t help. Go outside. Watch a tree move in the breeze. You’ll be better able to ‘be the change.’

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Author: Virginia DeBolt

Writer and teacher who writes blogs about web education, writing practice, and pop culture.

6 thoughts on “The News”

  1. The news in today’s world is really not news; it’s propaganda. If it were news we would hear or see data-filled content. Instead we, as audience, get story-lines concocted around data designed to affect us toward affirming goals we had little part in making. Bottom line: after having thoroughly examined my own values, I watch or read news which comes closest to these. I’ve adopted a mantra: Lament precedes hope; hope precedes determination; determination precedes evolution or change. Sometimes though that determination and its result come only because of change of “scenery”.

  2. I’m a news junkie. If I don’t get my fix of news in the morning with my hot cup of delicious coffee, I’m not a nice person that day. There is a list of my favorite news sources and I use my cursor quickly to move down the list one after the other scanning. I’ve always been quick at reading and typing so it’s nothing for me to scan an article and either decide to review it or move forward. There’s always something in the news that inspires me to google like mad for further information. I’m learning all the time. During this period prior to electing the next President I am really hooked. So much is repetitive that I can zip right through things. I enjoy being challenged and checking out the opposing viewpoints. Admittedly, and I’ve always said this: there are too many times when disgusting, upsetting tragedies are reported that can make one go insane. It’s the repetition of the same visual violent scenes that can really drive a person crazy. There are times when it’s important to take a break and not watch or read anything for about a week. I go back to a more simple way of life and don’t touch my computer or read anything having to do with the modern world. I go outside more frequently and just take in all that nature has to offer. I take huge big gulps of fresh air. I immerse myself in my garden.

  3. The news shared today is tinged with the truth according to the country most beneficial to the results. Everyone wants to be the savior and very few touch on the dirty dealings going on to get the ratings. With so many news sources in a very busy world, I attempt to catch up with as much as I can and come up with my own answers. I don’t think I’m the only one.

  4. On any day and hour when relaxation is the norm, the news is part of the plan. Watching the news is intriguing, although it causes anxiety and sometimes a mild downward spiral. The news has many useful purposes. It educates, informs, and links many places and communities. News is great.

  5. The news of rain
    sacks of grain
    will soak and rot
    No food in the pot

    Crops flattened
    news real and bad
    Morales battered
    outright sad

    On the other hand
    News of copious rain
    farmers till the land
    plant new grain

    harvest plentiful
    crops bountiful
    news is good
    lots of food

  6. News from Railey Ridge

    The squirrel has been at the bird feeder again,
    scattering sunflower seeds for the doves
    to peck on the ground
    and the ants to carry the leavings away.

    Some seeds will be blown on the breeze
    to nestle against a tree, an iris or a lily
    and surprise us with a sudden sunny face
    turning to catch the morning rays.

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