A Failed Coup

Sherlock clicked up to my knee and put his head near my hand. He looked at me with big eyes, begging for a scratch. I ran my fingernails behind his eyes. “You’re a good boy,” I said.

Harry called to Sherlock as he always does when I’m giving him attention. “Here boy, come, Sherlock.” Sherlock ignored him. A failed coup.

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Author: Virginia DeBolt

Writer and teacher who writes blogs about web education, writing practice, and pop culture.

2 thoughts on “A Failed Coup”

  1. Working women understand the ins and outs of the corporation which employs them. They have to or they won’t survive successfully. One of the significant things is that most corporate boards of directors are filled with males. That pretty much holds true in all corporations. Maria worked at an advertising agency which won many awards for their work. Their client, a footwear company, will remain nameless for obvious reasons but it was requesting a new advertising blitz for their products and had hired the ad agency where Maria worked. There always was a brainstorming meeting for the worker bees and a this time they came up with a brilliant concept. The ad would feature a company photographed during a board meeting with some verbage to hook readers drawn in by the photos. The coup: the members of the board would be all female. When the final ad was put together and presented to the footwear company for their approval the ad agency was amazed and pleasantly surprised that the ad concept went over so beautifully and was accepted to run. Three cheers! Finally, a coup for females! Well, perhaps not so much: better when boards of directors will be made up equally of females and males.

  2. A good friend, together with his Haitian wife, lived through the 2009 Earthquake and its horrifying aftermath in Port au Prince, Haiti. Until that time, Gerry had given his life so that charitable organizations with missions to help the poorest of the poor. He produced film stories about the good they did. Then he gifted the DVD’s to the organizations to use in pleading their causes. The earthquake experience however, both opened Gerry’s eyes to needs previously unknown and demanded a turnabout in his life’s purpose. Having seen how the poorest nation in our hemisphere attempts to pull hope where there Is no hope and having seen a system of indentured servitude in action as well as a kind of future-destroying coup happening, Gerry and Ecarlatte founded a child-care center November of 2015.. One purpose was and is to care for children of impoverished, still homeless fathers or mothers so they have an opportunity to earn enough money to feed the family for one more day. Another purpose is to build confidence and to help in the education of school-age children (next generation). Of course, last November, the center began with zero children of zero parents. With absolutely no advertising, announcements, or other public kinds of broadcasting the child care center now serves close to 65 children (infants to 14 years of age and some of them stay the night), Even in its good days, average life in Haiti represents an attempted coup on hope. It pushes the populace to despair, violence, unhealthy, ignorance. This center is a beacon of failed-coup because it’s a “field of dreams.” If you know a way to make it known, please contact me.

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