Is it safer for gay men to act normal now? You don’t see many of those flaming, flamboyant men who call everyone “Sweetie” and swish about these days. The outrageous certainly has its charms, but I think I like it better now, where people are just people.

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Author: Virginia DeBolt

Writer and teacher who writes blogs about web education, writing practice, and pop culture.

6 thoughts on “Sweetie”

  1. Back in the ‘eighties the Bears’ Walter Payton (Sweetness) was respected and loved by fans, fellow player, sportscasters – just about everyone. It was at that time that a stray black/white cat came into my life along with a stray tiger cat. They hung out together all summer long. Autumn moved into cold weather. Determined to save the lives of these cats over the winter, I fed them as usual in their usual spot. I had procured two canvas Post Office bags for transporting them from the car to the vet. The black-and-white turned out to be no problem at all, simply meowing inside his bag. I never could “bag” the other one however. Until that moment I always thought the cartoon depiction of whirling around leaving air traces was simply imagination. Not so!!!! For his safety and mine I had to open the car door and he immediately took advantage. I never saw him again.

    The black-and-white showed gentleness, even appreciation for Vet care. He needed two tooth extractions, ear care, shots, and other basic care to bring him up to snuff. It was hard to believe, but it’s true. The whole time, this cat purred! There was nothing to call him except “Sweetness.” In spite of his hard previous life Sweetness (nicknamed “Sweetie”) becoming family with our Pekinese dog and calico cat until his death. Sweetie the cat lives on in happy memory.

  2. Unfortunately for me I hate “sweetie” and/or “honey.” Unfortunate because young people in the area seem to use those terms an awful lot and I hear it much too often. It drives me crazy when I meet someone at a medical/dental office or retail shop and the front desk person or cashier calls me “sweetie.” I then usually respond with, “have we had an affair or ever been married that I don’t recall? Only people who are my dear friends or family are welcome to call me by either of those words.” Just sounds so tacky to have someone who doesn’t know you address you in that way. I don’t mind it so much down south because it’s a typical southern way but up in New England it sounds so “trailer trash.” It’s condescending. And now that I’m a senior it bugs me even more. How about another one to drive you to drink? Ever been in the hospital and have the nurse ask, “have we urinated today?” My response is, “I don’t know about you but I have!”

  3. Back when I was living in Oklahoma many of the straight white older men regularly called me “sweetie” while looking only at my breasts and I wanted to both throw up and take a shower to get the “creep” off of me. Asking the old white men to “stop calling me sweetie” seemed only to goad them to use the word even more and to sometimes punctuate it with sweaty-palm gropes. But when a gay man in Oklahoma called me “sweetie” while looking only at my eyes I felt I had a sympathetic friend, an ally, a brother.

  4. It was his common practice to call everyone “sweetie.” This one afternoon he did it again only to find himself accused of harassment. You would think after all the years of being told I am not your “sweetie” he would learn. No way.

  5. People keep calling their friends or class mates “sweetie” on the whatsapp, facebook or whatever way one meets them. Personally ,it sets my teeth on edge . Not only does it sound condescending, also a touch of “holier than thou “. Or “see, I have grown up , and you are right there , you retard.” Or maybe it doesn’t mean any thing , and I am overreacting . It should be considered one of those meaningless noises like “Oh”, or , “Ha”, “Ah”, that one makes when encountered by more intelligent beings .
    I can’t stop my friend from calling me sweetie, but I can definitely stop reacting to it with an attack of hives. I can ,conversely, think of her as the one “who never grew beyond the sweetie stage”. Or a person with a seriously limited vocabulary , in so far as the greetings go .
    “Sweetie , indeed.”

  6. River Song greets Doctor Who with “Hello Sweetie.” Who knows how long they have been apart. Who knows how long they have known each other. Who knows when they will cross paths again. But we do know there is special affection just by the Hello Sweetie greeting.

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