Come Together

It’s so difficult for people to come together. For just two people to find each other and agree to come together is amazing. Yet we are asking millions of people to come together to vote. The vote is so important this year for so many varied reasons. Do vote. Do.

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Author: Virginia DeBolt

Writer and teacher who writes blogs about web education, writing practice, and pop culture.

4 thoughts on “Come Together”

  1. The phrase “come together” conjures up many anecdotes: serious, historical,, imaginary, skeletal story line. Visually I’m captured by the oft-repeated video of the last piece of a puzzle being swept, as if by an unseen magnet, to complete the picture. I see also a slow-mo video in backwards motion giving a backstory to an event. “Coming together” is essential for a rally, protest or movement; that’s why dialogue is sine qua non in a Democracy. But whatever it is at any given moment, “coming together” is an evolutionary and vibrant realty. Long live “Coming together.”.

  2. Twenty years ago, “coming together ” was a norm . A welcome thought. People allowed their seniors, even distant relatives, to take important decisions in their lives. It was so simple . Now , everyone wants to speak. There are more speakers and less listeners. People fight , over trifles . Staying together is no longer important , having your say in all matters is.
    In a way , it heralds progress, evolution. On the other hand , there is utter chaos.As everyone leads , no one follows

  3. What a great feeling when things come together. The thrill of plein aire seeing form, color, size and shape at the command of your fingers meld together into the perfect sunset before you. The story where the goal is not for pay but rather seeing words come together that give the true picture.

  4. She taught herself to sew when in her early twenties. There was plenty of time while her children were napping for her to learn something new. It always gave her a thrill when everything came together at the end of a project. All those steps of cutting out multiple pieces of pattern. Pinning, altering, sewing. She surprised herself by her thirties when she was experienced enough to create two outrageously beautiful outfits. One was a black wool, fully lined, gold braided Chanel suit. Her first try at lining clothes. She had purchased the wool at a factory outlet for pennies. The gold braid and gold thread probably cost more than the fabric itself. When that came together it was an outstanding finished product. Her second best outfit was a silver lame gown sewn especially for a trip she was going to take. It was floor length with side slits, sleeveless, and a mock turtleneck. She sewed a matching belted cardigan to go with it. When she wore it and was waiting to be seated in a very posh New York cabaret, the maître de told her that her gown was more beautiful than anything the star wore for the show. Now that really came together!

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