Did you see?

Did you see the dogs playing with an old sock?
Did you see the sunrise?
Did you see the raindrops run down the windowpane?
Did you see the Milky Way?
Did you see the children swinging in the park?
Did you see the daisy bloom?

Did you see it? Life still worth living – did you see it?

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Author: Virginia DeBolt

Writer and teacher who writes blogs about web education, writing practice, and pop culture.

6 thoughts on “Did you see?”

  1. “Did you see what she was WEARING? Who does she think she is in that fur stole?” My mother loved to point out black women in fur or fancy jewelry, things she thinks “too good” for them. “It’s probably a fake,” she said.

  2. “O, say can you see by the dawn’s early light….? (USA National Anthem). “I think that I shall never see a poem as lovely as a tree….” (Joyce Kilmer) “Reality provides the seeds. I imagine the rest. ” (Jhumpa Lumpiri, IN OTHER WORDS) “try it (Pokémon Go) out – especially in a crowded spot – and you’ll feel the thrill of the fusion (of reality with virtual reality, Fusion is augmented reality) coupled with a nagging worry over what this is doing to us all.” CHICAGO TRIBUNE critic Chris Jones 7/17/16. “Oh say can you see by the dawn’s early light…,?”

  3. Did you see the half moon on a cold, grey morning, gazing down on humanity, hooded and coated, rushing to their offices?

    Did you see that mom of three taking her kids to school, smilingly, patiently listening to the teary youngest explain why he didn’t want to go to school?

    Did you see that old couple walk arm in arm into the ‘panaderia’ to buy fresh bread for breakfast?

    Did you feel the energy of the crisp, cold breeze on your cheeks, in your nostrils, as you walked briskly on your morning walk?

    Did you feel gratitude to be alive today… to see and experience a brand new day, another chance at life and setting things right?

  4. Here I am at one of North Carolina’s famous flea markets with my husband. So crowded, so busy, so many booths. As we finished the day and were heading to the car my husband had that look, something is very wrong. He said “Did you see my keys?” I thought to myself this is going to be like a needle in a haystack. After reporting the loss at the office and repeating what was now the famous words,” did you see”, we headed home with the spare key. The story is not over,a friend said pray to St Anthony and he will find the keys. A week went by with no report of the lost keys. The next week we decided to go back to the flea market. We went to the office and no one returned the keys. So with a prayer to St Anthony we went from booth to booth. At booth we never went to I asked the famous question did you see….. and he said I have your keys, and so he did. Thanks St.Anthony, great work!

  5. “Did you see that?” “Why?” “When can we…?” “Are we going?” “Do I have to?” “Who is that?” “What is that?” Yee Gods, I thought I would go mad. My younger son was continuously asking questions. One after the other. There seemed never to be a back and forth conversation in any depth. That’s because it never occurred. I was so exhausted at the end of the day. Couldn’t wait for him to start all-day school sessions so he would be out of my hair. He loved all animals, reptiles, whatever and was always bringing home some critter he found outdoors. He had a dog, a cat, a rabbit, and a baby goat as pets. Once he saw an elephant at a circus. “Did you see the elephant eat the peanut?” Oh, Oh…we knew what he was thinking. On the drive home my husband quietly said to me, “I’ve dug holes for his dead pets but I’ll be damned if I’ll dig a hole for an elephant! Did you hear that, son?”

  6. The girl was distraught. It was her fifth history note book, this month. It had to stop.
    “Did you see in the car ?”
    “Have you checked in your bag ?”
    “What about the school bus ?” Ask your friends .”
    Then the tears would begin . They would end only if she got her old note books , or a new one . Sigh.

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