“You can close the door tonight,” Tommy said.

“Okay,” I said. His simple words made my heart sing. They meant he felt safe, that he was learning to trust his new life here with us.

Tommy was damaged when he came to us. We handled him gently for weeks. His first breakthrough was when he hugged my husband Mike goodnight a couple of weeks ago. Tonight was a big step, too.

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Author: Virginia DeBolt

Writer and teacher who writes blogs about web education, writing practice, and pop culture.

4 thoughts on “Close”

  1. The plea, “Hold me close” implies either trust or fear. In both cases what transpires expresses hope about relationships, connections, solidarity among human beings. It says, “I depend on you” or as some Africans have it: “I am because you are.” Holding each other close is a sign of shared compassion, mercy, strength, hope in the future. It’s similar but not identical to holding an animal close when that animal is under stress for whatever reason. The animal can only react but usually doesn’t respond as humans are wont to do.

  2. Close all the doors and windows, it’s raining. Light the candles and get something to read. It’s a good night to stay in & do some reading.

  3. She finally was determined to close the door on her past life. She had gone from her childhood home into a marriage that turned into a nightmare for over twenty-one years. She had never lived alone. Her childhood home was filled with the hustle and bustle of a large extended family. There was a lot of happy noise and love. During her marriage, although her relationship with her husband was bad, she made sure that her children never knew about the negativity. Instead, she cultivated a warm home with good food, music, friends, and pets. It took her ten years after the divorce and living on her own to finally get over the mourning. She was going to close the door with a bang! Time for rejoicing in renewal.

  4. It was overcast . Since morning . The sky was closing upon them , or so it seemed.
    Occasional rumblings of thunder were heard , far away , though .
    The leaves on the trees stood stock still . Not a hint of breeze.It was definitely about to rain . the question was when ?
    When the sky grew darker, the little boy turned his face up and asked his mom , ” when is it going to rain ?”
    “Soon .” She said.
    Unknown to them , they were close to a disaster , but of a totally different kind.

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