man playing drums

Every time he tells a joke, he does a fake drum and says, “badaboom.” Just in case you didn’t realize he’s given you the punch line and you’re supposed to laugh. It’s so annoying I just want to smack him every time he says it.

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Author: Virginia DeBolt

Writer and teacher who writes blogs about web education, writing practice, and pop culture.

3 thoughts on “Badaboom”

  1. She lived in the tiny cramped dark apartment in Manhattan the first year out of high school. Desperately wanting to be an actress she would put up with almost anything to succeed and get a role in a play off Broadway. Something really drove her crazier than the size of her apartment. It was one of the other tenants who lived in the building. He lived next door to her and was an up and coming comedian. He got by with gigs playing drums in a small trio at nightclubs in the Village. The downside was that it seemed he was practicing all day long. She’d hear that damned drumroll repeatedly and him shout out, “badaboom” after loudly telling a corny joke. It got so that she was dreaming of devious ways to get into his apartment and steal his drum set. Not too simple a theft getting those things out and down the apartment stairs.

  2. He wasn’t tall, dark or handsome. George’s beady brown eyes, crooked smile and narrow shoulders were anything but cute, so why was I standing at the Midnight Chapel in Vegas about to marry him? It’s simple really; he stood to inherit a hefty sum of money if he married a girl with the initials B.R.B. I didn’t believe him at first, I mean, we’ve known each other since we were fourteen, but he showed me his father’s will. So, within 48 hours we hopped a plane, got a room and badaboom, just like that, I Barbara Rose Benson am about to take George Henry Williams to be my awfully wedded husband.

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