Life is a bidding war. Sometimes you win, sometimes you lose. You let people know what you want to be or do, you explain your selling points, and you wait. Is your bid accepted?

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Author: Virginia DeBolt

Writer and teacher who writes blogs about web education, writing practice, and pop culture.

2 thoughts on “Bid”

  1. We ran out of gum . Gum as in gum paste , meant to stick things together . Tomorrow was the annual function . A kings’ shoes , normal tennis shoes , with great deal of gold foil stuck to it , was being prepared . Others wrote banners, stuck green chart paper leaves to cardboard cut out trees ,props for plays. A group of giggly girls stuck gota (golden border) to a sari , the saree being polyester, gota refused to stick , causing frustrating mess all around.

    An enterprising 6th grader was dispatched to school office , and he brought back a greyish lump of smelly gum made of flour-paste , which girls refused to touch . Boys took one look, wrinkled their noses and got back to doing what everyone does best under such trying circumstances , gossip . Movie stories , match-fixing tales , cricket scores and teleserials were discussed threadbare and debated hotly upon , as the pink sari sat forlornly on the floor , the gota lying unstuck .Paper leaves flew helter skelter, threatening to stick to the gummy border of pink saree and the King’s half golden shoes .

    King’s shoes were the first to be finished . The maker (King herself ) triumphantly placed it on the teacher’s table .

    “Unthinkable !Sacrilege! How can you keep it there?” Deepa , the class brahmin monitor screeched, and no one paid any attention.
    Wiping her fingers on a piece of newspaper , the” king”grinned .The shoes were golden . Regal tennis shoes.

    Vinay , the class stand up comedian , rushed to the table . Gesturing dramatically , he swept the class with an exaggerated bow and puffing out his diminutive chest, yelled -“ladies and gentlemen , please bid for the kings’ shoes .”

  2. Lemmehearthoffernowbeforeitstoolate. Gimmmeefourhundred. Gimmeefourhundreforthisprimeexampleofmilkingcow. Have you ever gone to a cattle auction in New York State? The auctioneer calls out urging potential bidders to make their bids. It’s usually a male bidder. Did I need to add that? He is very practiced in running all his words together in various phrases which are known as “calls.” His goal is to urge the bids to increase in amount and volume. The pace of his calls increases as the bids begin to roll in. I went to my first (and last) cattle auction as an eleven year old staying at my aunt’s country place in Hillsdale, New York. The smell of cattle poop and the poor animals themselves, as well as sweaty men in the audience excitedly bidding was more than I cared for. I felt so sorry for the poor animals being prodded into the arena. It made a lasting impression. Today when we drive by a beautiful green pasture and I see beautiful big cows or bulls grazing contentedly and admire their huge gentle eyes all I think about is the possibility they’ll be in the next batch of McDonald’s burgers. Ugh!!!

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