Remember When

Remember when we got an air conditioner? We were so happy! It was amazing. But looking back on it, we’d survived just fine without it. We opened the windows at night, we kept them closed during the day. And we were comfortable the best I recall. I wonder how much air conditioning has contributed to global warming?

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Author: Virginia DeBolt

Writer and teacher who writes blogs about web education, writing practice, and pop culture.

4 thoughts on “Remember When”

  1. Now that Carol, Joanie, Uts and Regina were all in their late seventies the words “remember when” are used an awful lot. They have been friends since their high school days and had always stayed in touch. Although they lived distances apart if one of them called for help one of the others would respond quickly. They would get together every few years and enjoy staying up late at night having a few drinks and reminiscing. “Remember when you got so drunk at that party in Greenwich Village you lost your shoes?” “Remember the night you talked that boy into letting you drive his convertible all the way back from the Bronx to the Westchester suburbs?” “Remember the time the old car broke down on Memorial Day weekend driving out to Jones Beach and we were stranded?” “Remember those spiked high heels you wore. I don’t know how the hell you walked down those steep hills in town without killing yourself?” “Remember Sister Beata, the witch, who took out all her frustrations on us because of her hangups?” Da, de, da, de, da! It went on all night to much laughter until by the end of the night we were exhausted and ready to get to bed and dream of the old days. We had so much harmless fun.

  2. Remember the summer of ’76? It was so hot that we underwent a hosepipe ban. The grass turned brown and everyone complained about the heat. Us kids (I was 13 years old in 1976) thought it was great! We played out on the streets, ate ice lollies, and played rounders.

  3. Remember when
    the earth was heaven
    the goods cheaper
    and prices even

    Remember when
    “gay” was cheerful
    and lying was sin
    swearing hurtful

    Remember when
    Santa existed
    So did ghosts, spirits
    gods and demon

  4. It was the blizzard of 1967 and the City of New York was at a virtual stand still. We were on the first plane allowed to leave San Francisco for Idlewild. Do you remember when it was called Idlewild, now JFK. When we arrived there was no transportation available to take us to the Bronx. People were stranded and sleeping on the tops of counters. A few cabs braved the weather at an outlandish cost. My brother was crazy enough to come get us. The ride back was a thrill. We got stuck on the the Throgsneck Bridge. I steered the car while my brother and husband pushed from behind the entire length of the bridge. The story goes on but I will end it here.

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