That handsome older man over there – the one who still has all his hair. Yeah, him. Do  you think he’s sending me signals? He always says good morning to me. Well, yes, he says good morning to other people, too. But, you know, he seems friendly to me. I’m thinking I should try to start a conversation with him.

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Author: Virginia DeBolt

Writer and teacher who writes blogs about web education, writing practice, and pop culture.

4 thoughts on “Signals”

  1. Going back in time we are at the start of WWII. It is a very black night in England along the White Cliffs of Dover. The wind is howling. The surf is pounding. The current is very, very acute this night. They were dressed in cam clothing and crept closer to the edge of the cliffs on their hands and knees. Equipped with flashlight, guns, knives, and emergency gear made it difficult to crawl through the tall grasses. As they neared the very edge of the cliff they had their binoculars out and were trying to zero in on something in the water. There! They finally spotted the dark shadowy shape of the submarine. Success! One of them stood and held her flashlight. She began a series of blinking signals to let them know they were waiting for the Nazi’s arrival at the designated spot. They hoped this would be the first of a series of successful arrivals of the German men trained to infiltrate English towns. The plan was to live secretly in those English homes siding with the Nazi regime prior to Germany’s invasion of England. They would transmit important information which would aid in the success of the invasion.

  2. After the American Sign Language semester, we no longer passed paper in class. Mrs. Leonard’s nose almost touched the blackboard as she scribbled silly comma rules. Her back stared at us. We didn’t use her commas. Our grammar knew its own rules. We gave each other fingers.

  3. The panoramic scenery opens before me a huge array of magnificent color. The view from the train is outstanding as it winds it’s way along the Canadian country side. It is Autumn, my favorite season. My mind wanders to October and lost in the thoughts of my birthday, my mom’s birthday and my wedding anniversary I am startled by the trains signal. We are entering Toronto.

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