The Morning Breeze

Fresh, cool air pours into the window with the morning breeze. The sky is not yet lit from above, the world is not yet moving. Cars still sit in front of houses, dog walkers dodge among them. Into this peaceful world comes the sound of a gunshot. Fear replaces calm in a millesecond.

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Author: Virginia DeBolt

Writer and teacher who writes blogs about web education, writing practice, and pop culture.

5 thoughts on “The Morning Breeze”

  1. The morning breeze drifting in through the bedroom windows this morning was exceptionally welcome. We recently moved from the coast away from ocean to an area populated by forests. This has been a difficult transition but was necessary in order to be closer to good medical care which was sorely missing. After a rain the air here smells absolutely delicious. Green and fresh. However we have been experiencing a severe drought. Plants and trees are losing their brilliant shades of healthy green. Evergreens look as if they are almost dying.The forest wardens have an online map indicating danger of fire day by day. Yesterday ours was indicated as number three which is the highest. When we heard the loud rumbling, vibrating noise of a helicopter at the end of day yesterday we suspected there might be a fire nearby. When the pilot landed the helicopter in the open land next to our two acre parcel we knew it was very close but didn’t pick up the odor of burning wood. Later that night our windows were closed because of the air conditioning and we were watching a mystery when someone pounded loudly on our door. It was a neighbor telling us the mini mountain across from our home was burning. The acrid air was intense. We weren’t sure if we would have to be evacuated during the night and started to prepare for that emergency. Fortunately, the firefighters managed to get the fire under control and someone was staying up on the mini mountain overnight to keep on eye on the smoldering ashes. That fresh, sweet morning breeze was the best way to wake up today.

  2. The morning breeze: A tangle of weeds strangle a forgotten rake. Nature here created its own acre preserve. Green leaves wave; the sunlight bounces off the garage roof. A squirrel awaits for his peanuts. The birds hover waiting for their seed breakfast.

  3. I miss the cool morning breeze that embrace the green mountains of Vermont. It is as faithful as the sunrise and sunset. It is something I don’t easily forget or long for as I find myself trapped in the August hot humid air of South West Florida.

  4. The morning breeze is cool and laden with moisture . There is no time to savor the fragrance of impending rain . The parched earth is drinking its fill , somewhere close by . A streak of lightning splits the sky as thunder rolls “its barrels thumping down the stairs “, as Mark Twain puts it. That propitious moment when you bang your car door shut , and the skies open up ,simultaneously. Raindrops bombard the panes, seeking admittance . It is still dark . With the yellow of head lamps streaking the wet road , you drive cautiously , the wipers keeping the rhythm steady, swish , swish.

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