Bouncing Betty

He called his little vehicle Bouncing Betty because if you didn’t hold on tight or strap yourself in you would bounce right out climbing the mountain. Those big wheels could climb right over rocks and streams and tilt over halfway to the side and keep right on going. His rescue service was the most popular in the state because of Bouncing Betty – she could go anywhere and collect anybody from their own stupidity.

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Author: Virginia DeBolt

Writer and teacher who writes blogs about web education, writing practice, and pop culture.

2 thoughts on “Bouncing Betty”

  1. The Bouncing Betty was a German S-mine; a class of mine that detonates at about three feet in all directions. The shrapnel was the cause of devastating injuries during WWII. Another usage for the words Bouncing Betty comes to mind due to a neighbor who lived in the adjacent apartment building next door to me. I was about thirteen and used to babysit for her every weekend when she and her husband would go out partying. Her name was Elizabeth and we all called her Betty. She was very thin, Waif-like looking. And so sad. Too often late at night we would hear her screaming and crying, “no, no Bill.” This would go on repeatedly. You would never hear what it was Bill said but you could hear what Bill was doing. He was beating Betty up and bouncing her against the walls. Hence the ugly nickname for her, “Bouncing Betty.” In those days no one would think of calling the police to report his abuse or to knock on their door to intervene. I often think of her and her beautiful little daughters. I wonder what happened to them. So very sad.

  2. The English queen is Elizabeth. She’s either in her 90’s or close to them, but was once a toddler. I can picture her bouncing and being bounced around by the adults in her life. I can hear them calling her, describing her as “bouncing Betty.” After all she wasn’t “Her Royal Highness” way back then. That tiny?, chubby? baby was simply a child: a bouncing Betty. a human being like the rest of us.

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