That double rainbow was nothing less than miraculous. It framed the mountains and brightened up the dark clouds behind to remind the world that beauty and joy could still be found in the smallest things, that life continues to amaze and delight. Look up.

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Author: Virginia DeBolt

Writer and teacher who writes blogs about web education, writing practice, and pop culture.

2 thoughts on “Less”

  1. Sometimes “less is more” and sometimes not. I’ve begun to reflect on Elie Weisel’s masterpiece, NIGHT. In its beginning he recounts how people of his area, his village, engaged in unreal hope and lives, although evidence all around them that things had already changed and they were next. Suddenly the Nazis arrived; ghettos were erected, increasingly harsh restrictions were put into place. Still, as Weisel’s memory dictates, delusionary hope reigned.

    Before 9/11 this was the case with the USA. “Less is more.” Homeland security was based on delusionary hope (actually it still is in many ways). Today’s most visible insistence on that chimera lies in the rigid opposition of no-new-funding of biologic research that would certainly rid us of genetic pandemics resulting from easy medical targets as mosquitoes. We’d rather fund a horrific present arising from a past of do-nothing,-but-hope-things-will-sort-themselves-out. The future no matter how the very planet will be affected, like climate change, is not our worry. We haven’t yet learned from the Holocaust, 9/11, Sandy, Katrina, mass shootings, the growth of violence an extremism: “Less is NOT more.” Often less is simply less. It’s not enough.

  2. Christ, had she never heard the term “less is more?” She was told as a child that she would never be beautiful so she piled the make-up and costume jewelry on and donned gaudily colored clothes. What’s fascinating is that now that she’s a senior – very, very senior – she’s actually written about as if she’s a fashionista. Rather than looking regal and sophisticated she looks like a circus clown. Her lips are screaming bright red. Her brows and eyeliner as black as coal. The foundation she piles on with a trowel only heightens the appearance of very deep lines in her face. Years of tanning in the sun have resulted in her skin looking like leather. And last, but not least of all, her personality is just as gaudy. She has a deep, deafening voice and loves being the center of attention. Yee Gads! She’s successful. Pullease: less of her as a role model for the rest of us seniors.

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