My Favorite Pen

Sure, I buy pens. Those roller ball kind that are supposed to be smooth and easy to write with. But the free pens I pick up from various places – the ones with a business name on the side – always seem to write better. The only problem is, as soon as one of them becomes my favorite pen, it runs out of ink.

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Author: Virginia DeBolt

Writer and teacher who writes blogs about web education, writing practice, and pop culture.

9 thoughts on “My Favorite Pen”

  1. Favorite pen? This no longer exists for me. I now have a favorite brand of pen. It is a gel pen with a security feature and it has a soft grip. There are reasons for both. The security feature assures me and all other users that forgers are foiled with the use of the ink. The soft grip helps old, arthritic fingers to write without discomfort for a longer period of time . A third helpful thing about this kind of pen is that its circumference is a bit wider and therefore also assists this writer to comfortably write for a longer period of time. If given a free pen of the slim variety, I’ll accept it but pass it on to friend, relative, customer for their use ASAP. For me, the only good these pens have is to write dates on the big calendar when necessary. They aren’t even good to write phone messages.

  2. Oh wretched pen tipped blackest hue of stoppered ink and word most cruel. With lies still painted on your lips and glamour gilding fingertips, what soulless tripe would writers write if pens had hold on hand and might.
    If pen was woman her perfumed scent would be to man snakes envenomed breath. Her eye, attractive at first glance, would repulse with first advance. But pen, so smooth in writers grip, give voice to muted fingertip. With each stroke you cheapen heart despite acclaim as modern art.
    Your hateful vanities betray the follies of your youthful day. I would have poet for my title but for the humdrum depthless twaddle splattered from fountain pen to page. Too simple for the modern stage! Too coarse! Too terse! There is no art in such a verse.
    Oh wretched pen, tipped blackest hue, I’ve nothing better to say of you.

  3. I love the fine line my pen makes and used to be able to buy it in orchid but that color has been discontinued. A very long time ago as an exercise in penmanship class we were given quill pens. We had small inkwells on our small wooden desks in which to dip our pens. At that time the fact that the quill was picked from a bird didn’t even enter my young mind. I thought it quite beautiful and elegant. I loved the scratching noise the quill pen made on the paper. There was a certain rhythm that I developed writing lines across my paper. Perhaps that was the beginning of the pleasure I take in sitting down to write.

  4. My favorite pen would have to be any kind of fountain pen (fine point preferred). I have a small collection of them and love to write with different ones on a daily basis. I love the ease with which you can write without putting any strain on your hand. I remember learning how to write with fountain pens when I was in the second grade. At that time, there were no ink cartridges, only inkwells. The teacher would have us do the exercises, as per the Palmer Method, in order to facilitate the loosening of the wrist, which ultimately resulted in embellished cursive handwriting.

  5. I learnt writing on those ink-pens with voluminous ink wells , which needed a refill ( a messy process, albeit fun) every day . After a couple of scratchy pages , the nib smoothened out at a comfortable angle , and off you went, a -sailing. Smooth , effortless words .

    Then came barrages of ball-points , gel pens , micro tip pens , ink cartridge pens , markers , all of which passed me by . The other day , I came across this vintage , tiny glass pot of ink , sitting on the shelf of a busy stationery shop. I waited till the shop emptied , and the proprietor turned towards me . Turned out he had an ink pen , one with ink well , as well .
    He brought out an ancient looking cardboard box full of them , and added wistfully ,”They don’t sell any more .”
    I nodded .
    We both belonged to a bygone era .
    We chatted for half an hour about all things ancient , and how good they were etc . The kind of chat old people have , while shaking heads at the new generation.

    I walked away with a green and black pen , filled with black ink , my soul satiated . It is my current favourite pen .

  6. Nobody mentioned the technical pen. Since I have been studying architecture I felt in love with it. There are different kind of technical pens on the market, and of different sizes. In order to not spend so much money on it, I buy the disposable ones, with a nib size of 0.25. I know it is just for drawing and illustration, but it makes me write in such an expressive and neat way that I feel uncapable to give it up. Afterall, writing is like drawing words.

  7. My Favorite Pen is the one I choose to write with on any given day. It puts me in a good mood and brings out the enthusiasm concerning writing. Being able to write gives me the opportunity to release thoughts and put them on paper. This is impossible without my favorite pen.

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