Isn’t it kind of strange that we read books on electronic devices that tell us exactly how much of the book we’ve read? You can say to someone, “I’ve only read 67%, so don’t tell me the ending.” So precise. None of this looking at the bookmark sticking out of the pages and saying, “Oh, I’m about 2/3 of the way through.” No, none of that.

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Author: Virginia DeBolt

Writer and teacher who writes blogs about web education, writing practice, and pop culture.

3 thoughts on “67%”

  1. I have only used an electronic book twice but it’s an interesting experience. A mere swipe you and can scroll to the page of your choice. The % feature telling you how much you have left to go is very motivating, since some of my reading is for a Book Club. Once I know I am over the halfway mark, I am most encouraged.
    Now all I need is for my goals of the week to be posted in like fashion. Ha. But my list works well, I check off what i get done as I got along and this also is motivating.
    Hurray for numbers, as long as they are not your gods, they are so cool!

  2. Hmmmm! Do you think 67% is a good percentage of time for a person with the onset of Alzheimer’s to be functional? Alicia decided she would have to research that. It doesn’t seem to be such a bad number. On the other hand, the remaining 33% was driving her crazy. Out in public his walk was somewhat sluggish and he moved one side of his mouth in a manner when he was thinking that made him appear to be senile. He didn’t even realize he was doing it, of course. His memory was shot. He would leave the basement door wide open after gardening. Luckily raccoons or skunks or bears for that matter hadn’t set up residence. And that despite the odor of summer trash waiting to go to the recycling disposal place in town. Everything that was said to him had to be repeated. His constant use of the word “what?” when he was spoken to frankly was a pain in the ass. Alicia had to pick up the slack and take on more responsibilities. She had deeply loved him at one time but he had betrayed her in an unforgivable way that was very difficult to forget. That’s probably why his newly developed habits annoyed her so much. She had no patience for him any longer. No sympathy because of the emotional pain he’d caused her. She no longer felt guilty about the way she felt now.

  3. 67 is a prime number , and it fills my heart with dread.
    67% means 67/100, which being an impossible division, multiplies the dread.
    68 would have sounded and felt much better.
    The difference of 1% is colossal.
    Like the difference between the taste of burnt toast , and that of buttered toast.
    I got 67% in physics for my school finals.
    I stood staring at my shoes and the carpet , in the staff room , as Mrs. Mathew stared at me for one complete minute, lips trembling , speechless with disappointment.
    The incriminating document rustled guiltily in my clammy hands, growing moist with sweat.
    I hated physics , and now I hated the number 67.

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