The Incident

I didn’t want to talk about the incident. But when the police came to question me about it they were insistent. They began to act as if they would lock me up if I didn’t reveal what I knew.

It was so humiliating. How could I explain what happened and keep my dignity intact? It had nothing to do with the crime, so why did it matter?

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Author: Virginia DeBolt

Writer and teacher who writes blogs about web education, writing practice, and pop culture.

5 thoughts on “The Incident”

  1. “It was a dark and stormy night…..” Oh, sorry. This isn’t a Snoopy attempt at writing the novel of a lifetime. Actually, it was a gathering at a dear friend’s home. A group of us oldies all arrived at roughly the same time. We can ascend the steps with difficulty due to walker use and we began to do so. The incident occurred during my climb. Out of nowhere, like being carried on the wings of an angel, assistance appeared to make the rest really easy. On the porch, I turned around to thank my benefactor but he was already on his way. He was simply a good neighbor, a Good Samaritan, someone who, when he sees a need, steps in to alleviate it. There are so many good people in this world.

  2. I didn’t realize that the incident at the beach would be the catalyst that caused our love to strain and fracture. Add on top of it the incident with the pizza, and reconciliation was a fading dream. We faded from each other, or feelings attenuating until they disappeared.

  3. The room blurred , whirled and darkened . I remember alarmed looks and some one screaming . I had fallen face first , and hit my nose on the hard ground . When I came to , a kind person was fanning me with her notebook and I was terribly nauseated . My head was aching , nose had bled a little and stopped ,on its own, as if ashamed . Some one forced a toffee in my mouth. I
    sucked on it and it felt good. That incident changed me forever. I was inducted into the college hall of shame , as a “fainter”.

    It didn’t help that in the past , I had always laughed at people who swooned , fainted and displayed any such symptoms of feminine weaknesses. I had thought , erroneously of course , that I was above such “nonsense”.

    What I didn’t realize was, my being a potential candidate for diabetes. I was just plain hypoglycaemic . I distinctly recollect drinking a cup of sweetened hot tea, which had instantly restored me .

  4. She hated it when there was an “incident” at family dinners. Her large family consisting of grandfather and grandmother, three daughters, two sons-in-law, and three grandchildren would always come together for holiday dinners at grandmother’s table. Although everyone looked forward to each and every dinner, they knew it would only be a matter of several minutes before the eldest daughter, Helen, would create an “incident.” One never knew what it would be. She just happened to engage her mouth before her brain thought things out. Sometimes she was very, very funny. There were mostly the times when she was obnoxious that bothered everyone. During those times the occasion was ruined with tears and anger aplenty. No one could seem to convince her she needed to think before speaking. No one could convince her she hurt others with her remarks. But then again is it possible she wanted to always be the center of attention? I came to believe that. She would always talk about how she was the daughter who had to quit high school during the famous Depression era and get a job. About how her parents favored her two younger sisters. She always resented the fact that she never completed high school. Until her death at the age of eighty-three and having outlived her sisters and parents she always created a broo-ha-ha.

  5. The Incident took place on a hot summer night as the family slept with the windows open to deal with the extreme heat. A thief entered the house very quietly and stole one of the most treasured possessions of the family, the television. Although very frustrated, all family members avoided injury.

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