Flying Dragons

The flying dragon with its sparkly blue wings and fearsome teeth didn’t scare me. The bejeweled legs and the sharp horn didn’t scare me. The flashing tail and the two heads didn’t scare me. I might starve to death crouching in this cave with that blue dragon just outside, but I wouldn’t be scared while I did it.

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Author: Virginia DeBolt

Writer and teacher who writes blogs about web education, writing practice, and pop culture.

4 thoughts on “Flying Dragons”

  1. There aren’t any flying dragons left in this world that I’ve heard about. Thank goodness for that although they are a beautiful sight to see they are very fiery. That might be a good name now for drones which are a bit intimidating. There is enough right now to scare the hell out of me what with global warming, rising seas, the ocean life in turmoil due to the warmth of the waters, ISIS, shootings, starving children, power mad Putin, and, last but not least, the next presidential election. It’s all plenty enough to keep me awake at night so I don’t really need any flying dragons added to the long list. Thank you very much!

  2. Today is “flying drag-ons” day although it started normally. I live at the third-story level near a ver fork which is used as highway by birds of all stripes. We’re also on or near a few flight paths to/from an airport. Something must be going on. Relaxing a bit after lunch today, a pretty grey one, I looked out the window. First came the plane flying unusually low toward the SW (airport?). Clouds are thick and low; it was hard to figure a destination. A crow comes from the west alone. Shortly later a large flock of pigeons wheel in their magical circles, again in the west. One, no three, no seven new crows arrive from the southwest to land in the upper branches of the cottonwood tree just across the highway. An egret comes in haste following the river fork eastward. Have I missed anything on this humid pewter-colored day that seems to bode rain? What do these fellow creatures know that I don’t? Why do they seem to want to be near my abode? Who are these flying drag-ons to the stage where I am audience????

  3. I have to share this really silly thought I had last night about flying dragons. Excuse me for sharing this but it made me laugh: I hope the flying dragon wears pampers or is housebroken. Sorry. The visual just popped into my head as an afterthought.

  4. “How to train your dragon “.

    When I first heard the title , I wondered what kind of a DIY movie is this ? That too animation .

    The girls were mad . The TV was switched on even before official permission was given , the best comfy chairs and vantage points on the sofa grabbed. I knew it must be something good to capture the kids’ attention so .

    As is my wont , i sat with them , with some interruptions to fetch supper and make tea .

    It was brilliant. it still ranks as one of the best movies ever seen . I recommend this movie of flying dragons , oversized vikings , and puny children with colossal courage to adults too. Even those who raise their eyebrows , and give me a look reserved for the mentally challenged, and ask “Kid’s movie?”

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