The Hard Way

Human beings are determined to learn things the hard way. Never take good advice, never believe the wisdom of others, never accept that your misguided notions can lead to disaster. Then they do. And you learn something. Maybe. The hard way.

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Author: Virginia DeBolt

Writer and teacher who writes blogs about web education, writing practice, and pop culture.

2 thoughts on “The Hard Way”

  1. She was so stubborn. It did not matter that someone might know a better way of doing things. She always had to be in control. She always had to be right. She actually alienated a lot of her family and friends with her attitude. It never mattered that someone might come up with a better idea, an improved way to tend her garden, or a suggestion that she might want to try something differently. Most of the time she did things her way and it usually was the hard way. She just never learned.

  2. Let’s face it. There is no easy way. Among friends we have a saying that seems truer every day: “One thing leads to another.” Clearing the table leads to a spill. Cleaning the spill leads to the garbage needing tending. Returning from there leads to remembering a need for some grocery items which leads to a car jaunt. and that leads to a list of commercial spots for service or products. And so on and so on the goes. There is no easy way; there is only the hard way rising out of a myriad of easy ways.

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