The Back Way

“Take the back way!” he groaned. He bled all over my back seat as he squirmed in pain.

“I don’t know the back way,” I said.

“Route 33. It will save 10 minutes.” He grunted in agony again. “Hurry!”

I had noticed a turn off to Route 33. I knew it was up ahead. “Hang on,” I said. “I’ll get you there.”

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Author: Virginia DeBolt

Writer and teacher who writes blogs about web education, writing practice, and pop culture.

4 thoughts on “The Back Way”

  1. It was late when Vince hightailed out of Club Novo. The causeway seemed empty as he drove toward Miami Beach without a hitch. Vince took the back way toward the marina. It was dark, but he saw the flickering lights of the Caribbean Queen as it undulated in the distance. Marlon and his crew were waiting for him to cast off…

  2. The main route through the village was a tourist destination for antique hunters. Small shops lined both sides of the main street. The speed limit was only twenty-five miles per hour. If a pedestrian was in the crosswalk, or any other part of the route trying to cross the road, it was necessary for drivers to come to a full stop. Although absolutely charming with beautiful displays along the front of each shop residents learned to hate taking the route during summer or fall foliage when tourist population soared. Hence, the back way(s) became the only way for residents to go. Those poor residents living along the country roads then had to tolerate the heavier traffic along with noise and gas fumes. It was a no win situation for residents who loved living most of the time in one of the most beautiful areas of New England. They had to remind themselves to be generous and willing to share with outsiders at times.

  3. Disaster.
    A large truck full of gravel (“Bajri”) , has over turned right at the crossing .
    “What do we do now ?” She always went into this sweaty -palmed , frozen state when something untoward happened . Some one has to take charge. So the young gent sitting in the backseat , nose-picking , would galvanise into action .
    “We still have time . 20 minutes . There is no one behind us . Ghooma lo (take a u-turn )” .

    She would gingerly crossover to the other side , mentally asking God and government for forgiveness , and take the back route . She would check in the rear -view mirror, and be relieved to see several cars following her lead . The back route took 10 minutes longer , but was mostly free at this time of the morning .

    The young gent slumps back , nose picking , and falling into a peaceful slumber . She would be amazed .

  4. The Back Way might be the route to reach your aspirations. Most of us have a goal worth realizing. The first approach for most of us is to look to the traditional routes to arrive at the desired destination. When normal routes are not available, the back way is acceptable.

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