Growing up, I lived near the railroad tracks. I knew all the coded messages in the train whistles. I’m far from the tracks where I live now, I can’t even hear the trains rolling by in the night. I miss hearing those blasts from the engines as they pulled their mysterious cargo through the night.

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Author: Virginia DeBolt

Writer and teacher who writes blogs about web education, writing practice, and pop culture.

4 thoughts on “Codes”

  1. They talked in codes . Very irritating . I mean , how can any one do that? You are in a group, and all of a sudden , you decide to hold a secret conversation , right here. They would talk in riddles . Like ” the weather is pleasant “, and the other would giggle and repeat “yes , the weather is indeed very pleasant .”

    It meant sinister things , and it would raise everyone’s heckles . Priya would roll her eyes , as if to say , “here they go again !” Everyone else would stop talking and listen to their inane conversation .

    It was a sweet thing , almost like pda , given that they lived with their parents , in this huge crumbling house . But it was sickening at the same time . Sickeningly sweet , you could say.

    1. Hesitantly I glared at them. They were being so weird it irritated me. What were they doing talking in codes like that? Planning my murder? It’s always a possibility. Especially with them.

  2. She had volunteered at the local Veteran’s Home in town. After a surprise all-day computer generated test asking questions for her responses she was told they accepted her as a volunteer. There was a code mechanism on the entry door to the building where the code was changed every so often. It was necessary to ensure that none of the people living at the home leave without permission. It also, of course, would not allow anyone in without the code or their notifying the home’s staff in advance that they were visiting at a specific time so that someone would be there to open the door. She found it difficult to remember the long series of code numbers and had to resort to a cheat sheet she kept in her handbag. What was interesting was that the home had a corridor which connected it to the local hospital. The corridor door did not have a code mechanism and anyone could easily have gotten in or out of the home. What does that say about security at the facility? How simple it would be for one of the Alzheimer’s residents to leave and turn up missing.

  3. Historically I learned about codes in increments. First they appeared as something to be learned about in the criminal justice system in the segment under the Sunday issue of the DICK TRACY comic strip. That intrigued me enough to think about Morse Code, but the most I learned was the S.O.S. distress signal. Then came naval use of flag waving as ship-to-ship communication. Speaking and writing In codes as well as breaking them in the spy business was also important. – even vital. All this morphed into computer codes for everyday living in today’s world. We’re at the point where coding holds its own in the much-touted STEM method of USA universal education. Codes and coding have thrown off their obscurity to become shining stars of the 21st century.

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