The backyard is home to about 25 turtles. My favorite is Fred. He’s (she?) been around the longest and is the biggest. This summer, he measures about 6″ in diameter and is easy to spot out there among the zucchini vines and tomato plants. It’s the little guys who are only an inch or so in diameter this year that you have to watch out for. But Fred, he’s Mr. Muscle around the yard.

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Author: Virginia DeBolt

Writer and teacher who writes blogs about web education, writing practice, and pop culture.

3 thoughts on “Fred”

  1. There has been one Frederick, and only one, in my life. She (yes she) was a friend from high school whose original name was Mary Ann. She entered a convent; asked to be known as Sister Frederick out of love for and respect for her father Frederick’s life values. Other than this Fred the word connotes nothing to me. This Freddie though had terrific humor, a fantastic love for sports and high school athletes who gave their best on the field and in the gym. She was their biggest booster. When she died suddenly five years ago, alums and alumna from the high school filled the funeral home and the church where her memorial took place. Cheers, Freddie!

  2. Fred – short for Frederick (peace ruler) , Alfred (elf counselor) , and Wilfred. It is an Old English and Germanic short form.
    I had a very favorite Fred; my bachelor uncle who actually looked like a little elf with his adorable smile and fun personality. All of his nephews and nieces absolutely adored him. Like the Pied Piper, when he came to visit we all followed him around. My second favorite Fred is Fred Winslow who was a most impressionable child actor. Although I wasn’t very much older than he I thought he was quite something. He had a very unexpected serious deadpan look with bangs and freckles. But when he opened his mouth to speak this wonderfully raspy low toned sound came out. It was a complete shock. He had the experience of working with Cary Grant, Richard Widmark, Marilyn Monroe, and many others. That was some time ago and I’m not sure too many people would remember him. When I think about it there aren’t too many Freds around in my social circle. Years ago there were Fred Mertz (the character on I Love Lucy), Fred MacMurray, and who could forget the dynamic Fred Astaire dancing his way through Hollywood?

  3. Fred was the name of my pen-pal . He was from Germany . He was blonde , as per his photos .And thin , not emaciated, but an athletic sort of a chap .
    I never found out which part of Germany . I don’t even have his address now . Just a name and a faint recollection . This was pre-fall -of -the -Berlin-wall years I am talking about . The years of Glasnost and Perestroika , that led to eventual fall of the iron-curtain.
    He had this disconcerting habit of asking , one question repeatedly – “Who is a hindu ?” Upon answering that someone who practices hinduism is a hindu , he would not be satisfied with such a sort answer , and repeat his question , verbatim , in the next letter .
    I finally tired , and gave up writing . I have a feeling , he must have , since , needed some sort of therapy , definitely.

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