What’s your superpower? My is my vote. Voting is the one thing that makes us truly equal citizens. We don’t have a perfect system, but we still have that powerful voice we exercise in the voting booth. I hope you plan to vote. Early voting starts very soon in my state and I’m going to be in line to cast my vote. I’ve know for years who I wanted to vote for, and this year I get a chance to do it. I’m voting!

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Author: Virginia DeBolt

Writer and teacher who writes blogs about web education, writing practice, and pop culture.

3 thoughts on “Superpower”

  1. Each of us lives and grows due to several powers: five senses, expressions, relating and relationships, acquisition, presence, intelligence, and so forth. Because of this each of us has need of at least one super power: resistance to what power(s) sometimes produce(s). Resistance is often the only way not to be caught up in devious, dubious, odious schemes, practices, efforts. Power and resistance have been part of creaturely life ever since its beginning and will never depart. We sometimes forget that resistance in whatever form(s) which we choose for it is truly SUPER power. Depression; caving in should never prevail. We are creative; we are capable.

  2. What a time to wish I had at least a handful of superpowers. Those would be teleportation, invisibility, mind control, endurance, and healing. Teleportation comes first so that I could be wherever I chose in the universe simply by thinking it. It’s much better than wishing for the superpower of flying which requires time. Next invisibility so that I could listen and observe others. Reason for that one is obvious. I would require mind control after learning what people are up to. Then I could manage controlling the negativity and selfishness of leaders of countries. As a secondary effect I would be able to take care of the population of criminals and despicable folks. Endurance is a necessity so I could complete all my work. Healing those with mental and physical problems would be on my most important list as well. Oops, think of this: I would take care of the U.S. election, wars, global warming, feeding everyone, healing everyone … instead of calling myself Superwoman or Superman I would be Superbeing. “Where are you when we need you,” people everywhere are asking now. They are becoming desperate.

  3. She is on urinary catheter for the past four months.
    Today , while watching TV , she suddenly calls me aside , and whispers conspiratorially , “I need to go . ”
    I, like a guardian that I am , ask , “Why ?”
    She says , almost in a whisper , “Because I need to pee.”

    Now , it needs superpowers not to laugh , tear one’s hair or just snort and flounce away . I swallow hard , and show her the bag , hanging right in front of her eyes , urine dripping obediently in . She stares at it , as if seeing it for the first time .

    “You mean to say , I won’t wet my gown .”
    “No, you won’t .”
    “I don’t need to go then ?” Still the incredulous tone .
    “No , you don’t need to . ”

    Superpower . Mine is patience .

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